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Pathfinder Kingmaker: Recipes List (Effects & Locations)

A list of the recipes in the game. Effects and favorite meal effects last for one full day.

Pathfinder Kingmaker Recipes List

Name Ingredients Cooking
Effect Favorite Favorite
Baked Spider Legs Flour, Vegetables, Giant Spider Legs 23 +3 bonus to Fortitude saves Nok-Nok +5 bonus to Stealth checks Spider Lair
Black Linnorm Stew Eggs, Mushrooms, Wyvern Meat, Linnorm Tenderloin 34 +2 bonus to maximum HP per character level and fast healing 1 Abandoned Keep, in the room east of where Tristian and the Defaced Sister are located
Broiled Tuskwater Oysters Butter, Soft Cheese, Tuskwater Oysters 24 +1 bonus to all spell DCs Blood Furrows
Cheese Crostata Flour, Cheese, Shambletus 24 +6 hours before fatigue Harrim +5 Lore (Religion) checks Overgrown Cavern
Chocolate Ice Cream Butter, Milk, Chocolate 20 +3 bonus to all skill checks Linzi +5 to Knowledge (World) ?
First World Mince Pie Flour, Nuts, Chocolate, First World Fruit 35 +4 bonus to random ability score for a day Linzi +5 bonus to all skill checks Serpent Trail just inside the portal on corpse
Fish-on-a-Stick Butter, Trout, Edible Moss 15 +4 hours before fatigue Nok-Nok +3 Trickery, +3 Use Magic Device checks ?
Galt Ragout Butter, Mushroom, Fowl 16 +4 hours before fatigue Valerie Half penalty for fighting defensively A Ford Across the Skunk River
Giant Scrambled Egg With Shambletus Milk, Herbs, Shambletus, Roc Egg 33 +3 to attack and damage, skill checks and saving throws Armag’s Tomb in the room before the entrance to the second level
Grilled Silver Eel Butter, Herbs, Silver Eel 22 +10 move speed Jubilost +5 Bonus to Trickery checks Lake Silverstep Village in one of the locked chests around Brevis the fence.
Haggis Flour, Onions, Meat 18 +1 to saves Harrim +3 to Will saves Pine Patch
Hearty Meal None 21 +1 to saving throws Default recipe, available from the start of the game
Hearty Purple Soup Milk, Fowl, Mastodon Meat, Purple Worm Cut 35 Immunity to all poisons and disease, removes all poison and disease effects and fully restores HP Fossil Fields
Hunter’s Roast Flour, Tenderloin, Potatoes 16 +1 temporary HP Ekundayo +3 Bonus to Lore (Nature) checks Hunting Grounds (An Amusement for the Nobles)
Jeweled Rice Rice, Nuts, Fruit 15 +5 move speed Jaethal Additional +5 move speed Old Sycamore Depths
Kameberry Pie Flour, Fruits, Kameberry 21 Fast Healing Tristian +5 Lore (Religion) checks Lone House or City of Hollow Eyes
Mastodon Steak Butter, Herbs, Mastodon Meat 21 1.5 HP per character level, rounded down Regongar +5 Concentration checks Linnorm’s Grave
Monster Casserole Eggs, Cheese, Wyvern Meat 22 +2 bonus on damage rolls Amiri +5 to Athletics checks Talon Peak
Onion Soup Flour, Onions, Cheese 17 +1 to saves Jubilost +3 to skill checks Ruined Watchtower
Owlbear Omelet Milk, Tenderloin, Owlbear Egg 22 +1 bonus on attack rolls Ekundayo +5 bonus to Lore (Nature) checks Varnhold Stockade
Rice-n-Nut Pudding Rice, Milk, Nuts 15 +5 move speed Octavia +1d6 sneak attack damage with spells Three-Pine Islet
Seasoned Wings and Thighs Butter, Fowl, Edible Moss 14 1 temporary HP/level Amiri +2 to confirm critical hits Sold by Oleg’s Leveton or Troll Lair
Shepherd’s Pie Flour, Potatoes, Meat 17 +1 to saving throws Tristian +1d6 Channel Positive Energy Swamp Witch’s Hut or Old Sycamore Caves
Smoked Trout and Hydra Pate Eggs, Trout, Hydra Eye 24 +1 bonus AC Valerie +5 to Athletics checks for 24 hr. Kellid Barbarian Camp, sold by Dug the Merchant
Succulent Sausages Butter, Edible Moss, Meat 17 +1 temporary HP/lvl Regongar +2 to concentration and caster level checks Monster Den (In the Wagon)
Sweet Pancakes Eggs, Flour, Honey 15 +5 move speed Linzi Additional +5 move speed Thorn Ford
Whiterose Oysters Rice, Soft Cheese, Tuskwater Oysters, “White Rose” Chardonnay 33 +4 bonus to concentration checks and caster level checks, increase spells’ DCs by +2 ? ? Two-Faced Hill

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  1. hearty purple soup–gives Ekundayo: +7 perception & +1damage for 1day
    also Harrim: +3will, +3 spell DC, +4 level to spell penetration for 1 day


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