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Pathfinder: Kingmaker Simple and Effective Kingdom Building Guide

This guide will show you how to most effectively spend your valuable BPs to maximize Kingdom development and prosperity.


This short building guide focuses on an effective strategy for adding buildings to towns for the most effective kingdom development.


In short, the best strategy for adding buildings is… don’t add buildings !


This is a bit of an exaggeration, but does emphasize the basic point. Minimal building is the best strategy for several important reasons.

1. Buildings represent only a one-time bonus to kingdom stats.

2. Building bonuses are typically less than those that result from successfully completing an event (Problem or Opportunity).

3. BPs are vitally needed for certain kingdom-development event cards, and plot-related event cards.

a. BPs are in short supply, and it’s hard to increase BP production.
b. Not having enough BPs to complete these vital event cards can cripple your kingdom.

4. Increasing BP production typically requires a significant investment in current BP cost.

a. If you spent everything on buildings, you won’t have enough for this investment.
b. This investment is done through trade events and kingdom-development events.

So, in short, most buildings don’t really benefit you… especially when compared to events. You will be constantly completing events, which will steadily increase your kingdom stats… way more significantly than adding buildings will do. And, you need to save your BPs for the kingdom events that the game requires you to do to keep your kingdom intact and prosperous.

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Exceptions to this no-building strategy are as follows:

1. Add buildings that give you a bonus to completing events. Examples of these are Hospital, Bulletin Board, etc.

2. Add buildings that directly add BPs to your income. These are few and far between, but you should have access to some eventually.

3. Eventually, sometime around act 4 or so, you will want to upgrade your villages to towns. This requires a certain amount of buildings in each village (6 I think). So, at that point, go ahead and add them… focusing on cheap buildings that add to some kingdom stat that you are struggling to increase (Stability is a good one).

Focusing on events instead of buildings will allow you to create a very robust economy, with high weekly BP production, and very high kingdom-stats. Most buildings don’t much help with any of that.

Written by Repairman_Jack

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