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Pathfinder: Kingmaker – So Shall You Reap Walkthrough

So Shall You Reap

This quest appears only if you were not able to reach an agreement with Nyrissa and go after the Lantern King. You will have to visit three Eldest and fulfill their requests. The first character, the Lost Prince, will agree to help without getting anything in return. For Magdh the Three you will need to kill a Tane, which defeated Nyrissa earlier. Shyka the Many will ask you to solve a riddle. You have already solved one like this, back in the First World. This time you need to do everything backwards, moving from the flower in reverse direction. After completing this quest, you will be able to talk to Nyrissa.

Thanks to this, during the battle in the throne room, after beating the Lantern King, you will be able to say: ‘’Nyrissa, the time has come. We will do what we planned.’’ This way you will see a secret ending.

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