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Pathfinder Kingmaker: Standard Buildings

You may construct buildings to increase your realm stats. Each building has a cost in BP and a construction time and several buildings may be build simultaneously. To start construction, select a building you need from the list on the right side of the screen and place it in an empty slot in the settlement.

Buildings may provide special bonuses if you meet certain conditions (most commonly, two buildings must stand close together to grant the bonus). Make sure you use this feature to your full benefit when planning a settlement. Some buildings can be placed only in designated spots or areas. As examples, a pier must be built on water, and a mill must be built with no other buildings around it.”

Note that the cost of a building will increase for each additional one in the same settlement.

Demolish a building to get rid of it and recover half of the resources you spent on construction. If you want to move a building, you will have to demolish the old one (gaining half of the resources you spent on it) and construct it in the new desired slot for half the price. You won’t have to spend any extra BP, but you will have to wait for construction to finish in the new location.

Adviser choices are triggered when you reach every 20 points in a stat. The adviser will ask to see you in the throne room. They ask you if you’d like to build the building in question. You will be charged the BP for the building but then be able to build the first copy of that building for free.

Artisan are item creators. If you choose to build their building in your barony, they will periodically come to you in the throne room and give you items. If you upgrade their shops, they will produce more valuable items. They also trigger special Artisan quests to find items to crafted legendary items.

Adjacency diagram for early city planning

Standard Buildings

A = Advisor choice triggered.
Q = Triggered by making choice during a quest.
W = Water building slot.
Ex = External wall building slot.
Tier: V = Village, T = Town, C = City

BankT164   2      Adjacent to City Hall: +1 Economy and +1 Stability. Adjacent to Garrison: +1 Stability.
    Andoran Bank?177   2      Adjacent to Town Hall: +1 Loyalty, +1 Stability, and +1 Economy.
BarracksV130  1       Adjacent to Longhouse: +1 Stability.
    GarrisonT1+35  2       Adjacent to Longhouse: +1 Stability.
        CitadelC1?  3       Adjacent to Longhouse: +2 Stability.
BreweryV135    1     Settlement has Tavern: +1 Stability. Settlement has Windmill: +1 Loyalty.
Bulletin BoardV130  1       Requires Lawful Alignment. +2 Bonus on rolls to resolve Kingdom Problems in local region.
BrothelT11 1 11    1Requires Chaotic Aligment. +1d6-3 Bonus for the Diplomat or Minister on rolls to resolve Kingdom Problems in local region.
CisternT160       2  Adjacent to Park: +1 Loyalty.
    Everlasting SpringC1????????????
CourthouseT21502      3  Requires Lawful alignment. +4 Bonus for the Warden on rolls to resolve Kingdom Problems in local region.
Dance HallV130 2      1 Requires Chaotic alignment.
Exotic GardenC2??2????3???Adjacent to Town Hall: +1 Community. Adjacent to Museum: +1 Culture. Adjacent to University: +2 Arcane. Counts as Park.
FairT2100   3    1 Requires Neutral alignment. +1 Economy for each adjacent building that increases Economy.
FortT2125  2    2  Settlement has Watchtower: +1 Espionage. Settlement has Garrison: +1 Military. Settlement has Jail: +1 Stability.
Herbalist’s HouseV120 1        Adjacent to Shrine: +1 Arcane.
    Alchemist LaboratoryT1+30 1    1   Adjacent to Shrine: +1 Arcane.
        Magic ShopC1????????????
HospitalT15012        Requires Good alignment. +1 Bonus for the Regent or Councilor on rolls to resolve Kingdom Problems in local region.
JailT1701      2  Adjacent to Barracks: +1 Stability. Adjacent to Fort: +1 Stability.
LibraryT170     11   Adjacent to Courthouse: +1 Stability. Adjacent to Printing House: +1 Culture.
    Nethys’ LibraryT?(A)1100     31   Adjacent to Shrine: +1 Divine. Counts as a Library.
LighthouseTLi60       1 1Can only be built in a Lighthouse slot.
LonghouseV1501    1  1  
    Town HallT1+3011   1  1  
        City HallC1?11  11  4  
LumberyardV125  1       Settlement has Piers: +1 Relations. Cannot be built in the same Settlement as a Sacred Grove.
Mage TowerT2 (S)100      4   +3 Arcane when built in separate slot.
MansionT21003  11   1  
MuseumT2100 4        +3 Culture if barony has a Royal Museum.
    Royal MuseumC2255??????????+3 Culture for every complete collection of the Storyteller.**
OrphanageV13511        Requires Good alignment.
ParkT2100 4        Adjacent to Town Hall: +1 Community. Adjacent to Temple: +1 Divine. Adjacent to Museum: +1 Culture.
PiersVW38   1      Can only be built in a water slot.
    MarinaTW+301  1      Can only be built in a water slot.
        WaterfrontCW?1  22   1 Can only be built in a water slot.
Printing HouseT2175?4 (Good)4 (Chaotic)4 (Evil)2 (per Neutral) ? 4 (Lawful)2 (per Neutral) Adviser Quest – bonus depends on alignment.
ShopV120   1      Adjacent to Tavern: +1 Economy.
    Trade ShopT1+301  1      Adjacent to Fair: +1 Economy.
        Luxury ShopC1?2  3      Adjacent to Tavern: +1 Economy.
ShrineV125     1    Adjacent to Monument: +1 Divine. Adjacent to Longhouse: +1 Loyalty.
    TempleT1+30     2    Adjacent to Monument: +1 Divine. Adjacent to Longhouse: +1 Loyalty.
        Grand TempleC1? 1   3    Same?
SmithyV120  1       Adjacent to Shop: +1 Economy.
    FoundryT1+30  11      Adjacent to Fair: +1 Economy.
        ForgeC1?  22      Adjacent to Shop: +1 Economy. Adjacent to Fair: +1 Economy.
StocksV122       1  Requires Evil alignment. +1 on rolls to resolve Kingdom Problems in local region.
TanneryA1 (S)30-1-1????????Can only be built in a separate slot. +1 Build Point per cycle.
TavernV1201         Adjacent to Longhouse: +1 Relations. Adjacent to Barracks: +1 Espionage.
    InnT1+451   1     Adjacent to Longhouse: +1 Relations. Adjacent to Barracks: +1 Espionage. Adjacent to Town Hall: +2 Relations. Adjacent to City Hall: +3 Relations.
WatchtowerV1 (S)30         1Can only be built in a separate slot. If Settlement has Barracks: +1 Military. If Settlement has Walls: +1 Stability.
WindmillV1 (S)401         Can only be built in a separate slot. If Settlement has Granary: +1 Community. If Settlement has Brewery: +1 Community.
Wooden WallVEx30  1       Can only be built in a wall slot.
    Stone WallTEx+20  2       If Settlement has Barracks: +1 Stability.
        Reinforced WallCEx?  3?       ?

Upgrading Buildings

Upgrading buildings have increased stat bonus. They also often gain new adjacency or “if in settlement” abilities. For example, a Barracks upgraded to a Garrison adds an additional +1 Military bonus. Another example is upgrading a Tavern to an Inn adds “Adjacent to Town Hall +2 Relations / Adjacent to City Hall +3 Relations”. When you have enough build points to upgrade the building and the Village has been upgraded to a Town, you can upgrade a building by clicking on it, then clicking upgrade.

– Upgrading buildings take no time.

– Upgraded buildings inherit the affected buildings bonus from the previous levels.

– Indentation means a building is upgraded from the building listed above it.

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