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Pathfinder: Kingmaker – The Court Alchemist Walkthrough

The Court Alchemist Walkthrough

It begins automatically after you have completed the first act and became the ruler of the kingdom. You have to visit Oleg’s Trading Post to talk to Bokken. You can persuade him to become an alchemist in the kingdom (both additional quests related to the search of the fangs and lunar radish for Bokken should be completed).

After this, return to the capital and create a settlement on the Outskirts (the region where Oleg’s Trading Post is located). For this, click on any small icon on the Outskirts and choose a place where the settlement will be located.

After that, start building a workshop for Bokken (that’s how it will be called). A few days shall pass. Once it is built, the quest will be completed.

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