Pathfinder Kingmaker Walkthrough

Pathfinder: Kingmaker – The Impatient Pirates of Pitax Quest Walkthrough

The Impatient Pirates of Pitax Quest Walkthrough

Travel to Pitax and head left from the city square, to the port. Find the tavern and talk to captain Martyn to start the task. He will ask you to get him Blakemoor’s grimoire. You can either attack and eliminate all the pirates, or rat the pirate’s servant out. Anyway, you’ll have to go north-west from Pitax. There is a location called Middle of Nowhere not far from here.

There you’ll find a magical door. Open it and get into the Blakemoor’s lair after passing the test. If you don’t manage to pass it, you’ll have to buy the lair’s key from the man in the tavern with 10 000 coins or another test. The man is standing next to the fireplace.

Talk to Blakemoor and take the book. Come back to the tavern and pirates and talk with the captain. You have to make a decision:

  1. Keep the book, but take everyone out, or spend 100 000 coins.
  2. Give the book back to complete the quest and get 4800 XP and rapier.

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