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Pathfinder: Kingmaker – The Traitor and the Invader Walkthrough

The Traitor and the Invader Walkthrough

With that, you’re done with Varnhold Vanishing. Nothing left to do now but head back to the capital, manage your kingdom, see to any sidequests or exploration you may be keen on, and wait for the next disaster you need to resolve…

When you arrive back in your throne room you’ll find that there’s no rest for the wicked this time around. As soon as you return to your capital, your envoy will inform you that Brevoy itself is under attack, and Jamandi is calling her vassals – that’s you – to sweat, bleed and die on her behalf. Seems some barbarians have invaded, and a major battle is anticipated on the Glenebon Uplands. If that’s not enough, apparently the Bloom has started again, this time being fortunately localized to the area around Candlemere Lake… small comfort when it’s so close to your capital.

Other events abound, but the serious, kingdom-threatening matters are represented by two quests: Betrayer’s Flight, which has you investigating this second Bloom and your treacherous priest of Sarenrae, while Hour of Rage involves you fulfilling your feudal obligations to the Swordlords.

You’ll find both quests listed below, for you to peruse as you wish. Refer to the “Early” version for whichever you attempt first and the “Late” version for whichever area you explore second. The differences between the two can be quite stark.

Warning!: If Amiri is a valuable part of your group, you may wish to do Hour of Rage first.

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