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Pathfinder: Kingmaker – The Twice-Born Warlord Walkthrough

The Twice-Born Warlord Walkthrough

Betrayer’s Flight

The quest will start itself after you finish the fourth chapter and Tristian vanishes. Go to the Candlemere Lake and enter the tower there. You have been here before. The location is covered with Bloom. Head to the top of the tower, slaying enemies left and right, and talk to Tristian. Kill all the foes to close the portal. Leave the tower and go to the Temple of the Elk, which should also be familiar to you. Deal with another batch of enemies and enter the portal with Tristian.

Hour of Rage

This quest will also begin automatically after the fourth chapter is completed. Make your way to the Fossil Fields location in the top left region of the map, talk to barbarians, then with Aldori. Break into the camp of enemy barbarians and kill them all. Talk with the man who made the coup, go right and talk with Surtova and Jamandi Aldori to complete the quest.

Now you need to leave the location. You will not be able to exit the same way you entered, so you have to find a place around the middle of the camp that will allow you to leave.


The quest starts after successfully completing the Hour of Rage.

The Twice-Born Warlord

This quest also begins after completing the Hour of Rage. According to the story, you must find the tomb in which Armag hid. There are two options — you will find it and stop Armag, or you will not make find it in time, allowing Armag to complete his plan. First, go back to the capital and complete the task related to the search for Armag (an event). After that, return to Glenebon, where the Fossil Fields is also located, and find the tomb just below it, on the left side.

Go there, get to the entrance and defeat the Defaced Sisters. Enter the tomb. You can go down to the bottom floor from here. In the upper left corner of this floor, there is a bowl, which you can interact with. By doing so, the bowl will light up and a dialog box will appear on the screen. It reports of a strange rattle under the floor. After a few seconds, the bowl goes out.

There is a fire trap in the next corridor, with fireballs flying from both ends. You must place all the characters next to the bowl, and then use one of them to go to the top of the corridor. The thing is that there is a hidden entrance, and it opens a couple of seconds after you activate the bowl. It is located in the top part of the corridor, to the left of the bowl standing there. Once you are inside, the trap will stop working, and you will be able to move other characters into the same secret passage. Explore this part of the lower floor until you find a staircase leading back to the upper floor, but to another part of it.

Move forward and talk to Zorek. If you fail to persuade him, you will have to kill the barbarian. After that, you can go left, into the Armag’s Tomb. Defeat him and his skeleton warriors, then decide the fate of the barbarian leader. As always, you can kill him or you can spare him. The latter will allow you to make peace with Armag. Now go outside and choose what you want to do with the rest of barbarians. You can shelter the Tiger Lords on your lands, and then help them pick a new chieftain — Armag or Gwart. This will be the end of the quest.

Deal with the Devil

At some point, fIghter Linxia will arrive at the fortress. She will ask the baron’s permission to conduct an investigation and search for a criminal. Give her the permission and the quest will begin. Eventually, Darven will stop you in the capital. Talk to him and decide how to proceed — you accept his proposal or take Linxia’s side.

Go to the place Darven told you about, defeat Linxia and other Order of the Rack members. Linxia will manage to escape, but Darven will offer another deal, revealing his deal with the devil. You must either agree to it or refuse. Even if you refuse, the quest will not end there. You will have to wait a bit to see how the events unfold.

The events will finally unfold after you complete all of the other quests (mentioned above) in the fifth chapter. Return to the capital, Linzi will await you in the throne room. She will tell you that Linxia sent a letter and asked to help her assault Darven’s fortress. Head down from the capital to the river — there should be a new location called Brineheart. Go there, talk to both Linxia and Darven and choose your side. If you kill Linxia, Darven will pay you 5000 coins (but only if you try to settle it peacefully first). If you do not try to make peace between them, you can demand money before even choosing a side. This is the end of the quest.

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