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Pathfinder: Kingmaker – The Varnhold Militia Quest

The Varnhold Militia Quest

This quest starts at the beginning of Chapter 5. Despite a big number of bugs, we’ve managed to pursue the quest. Your journal used to stop updating when you arrive at Varnhold. Head for the town (or, if it was renamed, visit the town in that location), come to the guard and talk with Tirval. There may be three different scenarios:

  • If you tell the militia leader that she should deal with her people alone, then only the main initiator will be killed.
  • According to the second scenario, Tirval will call you a fool, and the quest will be failed.
  • The third scenario implies that you should kill the militia and Tirval which also leads to the quest being failed.

Anyway, you won’t manage to proceed if you choose the first scenario. Tirval will literally divide into two. The bug will probably be fixed soon.

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