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Pathfinder: Kingmaker – The War of the River Kings Walkthrough

The War of the River Kings Walkthrough

The Rushlight Tournament

Soon after completing the fifth chapter, Linzi will bring an invitation from Irovetti, the King of Pitax. So begins the sixth chapter. By the way, if you complete chapter five quests too quickly, the letter will arrive a few weeks later. Head left from the capital and until you reach the Rushlight Fields. It was impossible to go there before, but now you are free to do so.

Go to the location and talk to King Irovetti. If you will try to fight someone in the tournament, the King will chase you away, saying that you are a barbarian with a crown.

Somewhere in the center of the location, you will find a character named Nunzio Arpaia. Talk to him to start the first contest. All the next ones will also be available from him. Each contest will be associated with some skill check, so it should not bring any difficulties. The third contest is a fistfight. Talk to Nunzio again afterwards and ask about the results of the tournament. Do it after completing all the objectives in this location (like talking to the characters needed for Linzi’s quest).

The River’s Justice

Once you are in the arena, go up and meet two chatting men. One of them is Eimar. Talk to him and agree to help with the river pirates. After leaving the Rushlight Tournament (winning or losing it), follow the river down left to get to the pirates’ camp. The location is called Pitax River Bend. On the way here you could have passed by the city of Pitax itself, but if you tried entering it, you would be told that the King Irovetti himself has forbidden you to do so.

Fight the pirates until a representative of the house River appears. Apparently, you were set up. You can kill the innocent people anyway, or you can try to explain it. It will end peacefully if you make them believe you. Now you need to figure out who sent you to a certain death and why.

Wait for the invitation to Pitax (read about the quests below) and go there. Near the entrance, there is a passage to Academy — Eimar will be there. Talk to him, choose whatever you want during the confrontation and defeat Walsh. The quest is finally finished.

Runaway Throne

Linzi will come to your throne room and will notice, well, that there is no throne. Go out to the town square and talk with two merchants (Verdel and Hasuff in the center). Then head to the tavern and chat with Elina about the stolen items. The fourth person to talk to is the captain of the guard. Look for him to the right of the throne room entrance. If the captain does not want to talk about the throne (no such dialogue line), then this is a bug — wait for a patch.

After all four conversations, you can only wait for the throne to appear on sale. It will happen after you complete The Path of the Dreams quest and visit the Whiterose Abbey during The War of the River Kings. After you exit the abbey, just go in any direction, because after a few seconds there will be a random encounter. You will meet a goblin merchant, who will have the throne.

He asks for 100 gold in return. Trying to negotiate will raise the price to 200, but if you manage to intimidate him, he will gift you a lot of useful item as a bonus. The throne is returned.

The Path of the Dreams

The quest will begin automatically some time after Linzi and Storyteller arrive to your audience. At the same time, The War of the River Kings will begin as well. You need to complete ‘’Explore Nyrissa’s dreams’’ objective to unlock further tasks in that quest. Anyway, talk to the Storyteller in the throne room, and enter Nyrissa’s dreams.

Talk to the nymph and defeat the Defaced Sisters. Go past the dragon and Nyrissa to see the King, who ordered her to destroy kingdoms. You will have to watch the entire scene, and then, when Nyrissa becomes interactive, talk to her. Defeat the skull, then automatically move inside.

You can immediately talk to Nyrissa to end up in the throne room. Talk to the nymph; after that, you will see the ghosts of Armag, Stag Lord, Irovetti, Tristian and the main character. Try to get out — it will make the ghosts attack you. Deal with them, talk to Nyrissa again and learn about her proposal. The quest will be completed, and The War of the River King will be updated. As a reward, you will receive 9600 experience points.

The War of the River Kings

Read the first paragraph of The Path of the Dreams quest. Go to the Pitax River Bend, where you fought the ‘’pirates’’ before, and head up north along the river to find the Littletown. Eliminate the instigators inside and outside the tavern to complete part of the quests. This is not the end!

Above Littletown, you will find River Blades’ Camp. Go there, defeat the bandits and do what you will with the surrendered woman. Next, go to the right and find the Menagerie location on the outskirts of the region. Enter it, defeat all monsters and the mage responsible for their teleportation to your lands.

Next part of the quest will be available after The Path of the Dreams quest is completed. Go to the Whiterose Abbey, located near the mountains in the upper left corner.

This location will appear right after completing The Path of the Dreams. Kill the Pitax guards and get to the water hourglass. Talk to Evindra and choose her fate. Tristian will offer to shelter her in the capital — do what you will. Now, interact with the water on the left, dive to the bottom and pick up the ring with the fox seal. If you pass the skill check, you will find the dagger. Leave the abbey.

Return to the capital, buying back your throne on the way, then head into the throne room, where you will meet Moskoni. He will pass you Irovetti’s proposal in which the King says that the main character should give him the Stolen Lands. Whether you do it or not, you can now visit Pitax.

Go there, enter the location and chat with some people before heading to Irovetti in the upper right corner. You can convince some of them to side with you after telling them about Irovetti’s wrongdoings. Talk to the King, and then decide if you want to give the crown away or not. We chose the latter, so we had to fight the guards as the result. However, even if you decide to give him the crown, he will order to kill you anyway. No way to avoid the fight here.

Enter the castle and explore all its parts. Irovetti is hiding behind several doors over here. To open the path to him, you need to turn the candleholders on the walls. Go to the left of the entrance and enter the first door on the right along the corridor. There will be trolls and one unique character. Defeat them and find the first candleholder on the left wall. Turn it, return into the corridor and go all the way to the left. You will find yourself in the hallway with some golden golems. Do not approach them, and go to the upper left corner to find the second candleholder near the picture.

After turning it, head forward past the golems, which will attack you this time. Behind them, on the wall to the left, will be the third candleholder. If you follow the same corridor (to the top right), you will stumble upon a secret wall. The fourth candleholder is to the right. It is not needed to get to Irovetti’s throne room, but it allows you to get to the secret room with a golden golem. There are three chests around him, in which, apparently, you have to put something to earn his trust. It is optional though.

Go to the throne room through the door opposite to the entrance. Deal with anybody standing in your way, then fight with Irovetti. Defeat him and the monster he summoned. Regardless of your choice, Irovetti will die. Leave the castle. Eobald will tell you about the events at the Academy. You will automatically go there. We could not talk to Aldori, who wounded Nunzio (probably a bug). If you have a similar situation, leave the area and switch to the world map. The quest will be finished, and the game will confirm Irovetti’s death.

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