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Pathfinder: Kingmaker – Wolf Lair Walkthrough

Wolf Lair Walkthrough

From the Secluded Lodge, follow these directions:

  • East (path veers northeast)
  • Northeast (path veers east along Shrike River)
  • Northeast (cross Shrike River)
  • Northeast (Wolf Lair should appear northwest of the path)
  • Northwest

This will get you to the Wolf’s Lair area. No points for guessing what foes dwell here. You’ll arrive along the southeastern corner of the map, at the elbow of a trail that runs both uphill to the north and downhill to the west.

The entire area is in fact a giant loop, but you might as well take care of the easier part first. To that end, head downhill to the west, stopping long enough to crush three Wolves in the southwestern corner of the map. These mutts are horribly outclassed by now and should present no challenge. Once they’d dead, pass a [Perception 12] check to spot a rock you can loot for a variety of treasure, including a Scroll of Haste.

Turn north and follow a trail running along the western edge of the map until you reach the northwestern corner of the area. An area transition lies in this corner, but you still need to search the hill that dominates the center and northeastern end of the area. Follow the path uphill to the southeast to find a quartet of Wolves feasting upon a corpse.

Don’t rush in blindly, as although these Wolves are easy enough to slay, they’re also cunning. During the fight, more Wolves will appear from behind you (to the northwest) so keep a warrior behind to protect your casters and archers while the rest of your warriors deal with the Wolves near the corpse. More Wolves will later come out of the caves to the northeast, and while they don’t bear a fancy name, they’re far stronger than normal Wolves, having a much higher Attack bonus, Armor Class and HP. While probably not too threatening to your warriors, they’re not complete push-overs like their lesser kin were, so be wary.

After vanquishing all the Wolves, search for a stone to the west of the corpse to find a Melted Shard of a Ring, another artifact the antiquarian will be interested in. Finally, loot the corpse the wolves were snacking on to gather a Potion of Cure Moderate Wounds, 74 GP and the Wolf Victim’s Book, the latter of which discusses wolves, worgs, goblins and barghests.

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