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Pathfinder Wrath of the Righteous A Common Cause Walkthrough

A Common Cause Walkthrough

You receive this Quest from Irabeth, when you wake up at Defender’s Heart. You can recruit 3 different factions to your side:

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You can save a group of Tieflings at  the western side of the Market Square.

  • Head to Market Square, and on the western side of the map, near a collapsed building, you will see some tieflings trying to get one of their brethren out of the rubble.
  • If you pass the Athletics check you will earn 69 Experience. The Tieflings will introduce themselves, and you will net another 368 Experience points. After the conversation, the tieflings will join the crusaders.

If you solved Feud of the Faithful peacefully, you can send Hulrun or Ramien (not both) and their men to help.

Head to the Blackwing Library. Talk to Chaleb, he is alongside a group of men trying to burn a group of traitors. During the conversation, you will have three different checks to learn what is really going on here. You learn that the traitors are actually Chaleb and his team.

  • Once you defeat Chaleb, free the Crusaders, you will find the Storyteller among them. He will thank you for rescuing him. Klaem, the young crusader that you have also saved, will thank you too. You can also ask him about how they ended up tied up. When you are done asking questions, tell them to head to the Defender’s Heart. In your journal, you can see that the Knights of the Flaming Lance have joined the crusaders.
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