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Pathfinder Wrath of the Righteous A Matter of Reputation Walkthrough

Vices are the forces that set intelligent society into motion. Greed, indolence, lust, and anger are the horses that pull the cart of progress onward, and the passions that inspire minds to achieve their goals. Yet they all pale in comparison to the most powerful of such forces – vengeance.

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The assassin Greybor has discovered that the individual responsible for damaging his reputation has been close this whole time. Is there any obstabcle formidable enough to keep him and his comrades away from the path of vengeance? Anything that would prevent him from restoring his so-called ‘good’ name? Whatever the answers to these questions, bloodshed seems inevitable.

A Matter of Reputation Walkthrough

  • After talking with Greybor, take him to Willodus’ mansion, which is located in the northern area of Upper City, past Palace of Incest and Degenerqacy.
  • Once you interact with the mansion’s front door, you will trigger an event describing what you find inside it. You will need to pass multiple skill checks in order to get out alive.
  • After you finished the exploration of the mansion. Willodus and his follower will wait you outside.
  • A demoness called Horzalah appears once Willodus is killed, inviting Greybor to the Assassin’s Guild.
  • The Assassin;s Guild is at Middle City, below the Ten Thousand Delights. Enter the guild, and speak with Horzalah.
    • If you chose to accept the money and let Greybor join the Assassin’s guild, he will respect you more.
    • if you chose to fight you can claim 2 +5 unique daggers by sparring Yozz. Moreover you will learn that it was Horzalah‘s plan all along to get the chief position.
  • Go Back to the nexus to talk to Greybor and finish the quest.

The truth has been revealed. The disgrace of Greybor’s failure was orchestrated not by Willodus, but by the treacherous Yozz, who decided to eliminate a dangerous enemy by proxy. Yozz has paid the full price for his deceit.

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