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Pathfinder Wrath of the Righteous A Step Away from Defeat Walkthrough

Drezen was home to the Commander and his companions for some time. It would be naive to assume that the demons had forgotten this fact, or that they would not seek revenge.

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Find the way to the Surface
The familiar path into Drezen is now closed to the Commander. But when one door closes, another opens. It is only a matter of finding it.

Meet the One-Eyed Devil in the tavern
The Half Measure tavern has turned out to be a decent bastion for holding off the demons charging the citadel. But now its defenders must be notified that all troops are being assembled.

Meet Hilor in the dungeons
The dungeons are well suited for keeping enemies in and out. However, to repel the attack of the two demon generals, the Commander will require all available troops. The time for sitting behind the walls has passed.

Strike the Bell of Mercy
The Bell of Mercy has long since fallen into disuse. It is time for the Commander to strike it and increase his allies’ chances of success.

Talk to the Storyteller
The Storyteller has gone to the Commander’s former study to find out something important — where exactly the Queen was leading her army.

Defend Drezen
The hour of courage has come. Once again, the Commander must prove that the crusaders are worthy of holding Drezen.

A Step Away from Defeat Walkthrough

  • If you moved the Bell of Mercy to Drezen, you can now ring it to weaken the demons.
  • If you spared Minago (quest Minagho’s Desperation), she will appear at Drezen and gets killed.
  • You have to chose to Help Hilor at prison, or One-Eyed Devil in the tavern. 
  • You can find the storyteller in the main fort, after that, a long cutscene will trigger, you will learn more about the nature of mythic power, and make decision about to keep it, chose another path (Gold Dragon, Swarm or Devil), or become a legend. Note you choice of path will affect people around you, and your city.

The Commander has once again revealed a miracle to the crusaders. But not all miracles fill hearts with wonder. Some fill hearts with fear instead. It all depends on what the Commander’s soul yearns to do — bring terror or blessing.

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