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Pathfinder Wrath of the Righteous: Anointed Knight Build

A more or less classic Anointed Knight, except it takes Monk and Archmage Armour to scale Armour Class (AC). Can’t really be helped, since the game wants us to. (If only there was a Mythic Armour focus that would scale it instead.)

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Gets all the important Paladin stuff, plus some Angel goodies, and is tailor-made to make everything evil suffer. Stacks so much Attack Bonus (AB) it’s actually feasible to use Power Attack without being crippled by it. That AB also makes it easy to skip the Shatter Defenses line; someone will be able to toss Greater Invisibility on us and that’s good enough.

Anointed Knight Build

RoleTank/Damage dealer
RaceAasimar (Angelkin)
AlignmentLawful Good
SkillsMobility 3, Athletics, whatever else you need

† Purely because +2 Initiative is the best thing we can grab here.


18 > 22161210717 > 18 (L4)

Final Build

Monk (Scaled Fist)PaladinSlayer (Arcane Enforcer)Fighter (Mutation Warrior)


1Monk – Dodge // Crane Style
3Paladin – Weapon Focus: Falchion
5Paladin – Outflank
6Paladin – Weapon Bond
7Paladin – Improved Initiative
9Paladin – Improved Critical: Falchion
11Paladin – Wings
13Slayer† – Extend Spell // Armored Mask
15Paladin – Power Attack
17Fighter – Cleave // Cleaving Finish
18Fighter – Combat Reflexes
19Fighter – Greater Cleave†† // Blind Fight††
20Fighter – Weapon Specialization: Falchion

†Or Demonslayer and just use mage armor potions you can buy and craft.

†† Free feats. Can pick whatever else you fancy here.

Spell Priority

1Divine Favor, Challenge Evil†, Bless Weapon, Magic Weapon, Veil, Restoration
2Bestow Grace, Bull’s Strength, Eagle’s Splendor
3Angelic, Resist Energy
4Crusader’s Edge

† Mainly used to quickly see if the target is evil before using Smite.

Angel Spell Priority

1Unbreakable Heart, Divine Favor, Cure Light Wounds
2Restoration (Lesser), Cure Moderate Wounds
3Delay Poison, Cure Serious Wounds
4Pure Form, Divine Power, Restoration
5Ward Against Harm, Cleansing Flames, Breath of Life
6Aegis of the Faithful, Eaglesoul, Ward Against Harm (Communal), Heal
7Sun Marked, Ward Against Weakness (Communal)
8Avenger’s Blessing, Gale of Life
9Fortress of the Faithful, Sun Form, Heal (Mass)

Mythic Path

1A Bit of Fun // Unrelenting Assault
2Extra Mythic Ability: Abundant Smite
3Archmage Armor
4Improved Critical (Mythic)
5Thundering Blows
6Power Attack (Mythic)
7Leading Strike
8Flawless Attacks
9Abundant Casting†
10Weapon Specialization (Mythic)

† Free slot. Pick whatever you fancy.

Angel Mythic Path

4Guile of the Faithful
5Piercing Rays
6Everlasting Flame
7Unfailing Beacon†
8Speed of Light
10Overwhelming Flames

† Or Solar Winds.

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