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Pathfinder Wrath of the Righteous: Arcane Azata Build

Be warned: wizards are not friendly to new players. You have to know what you are doing with your spell list as it’s not feasible to list spell books for every stage of the game.

Starts as a control wizard and goes into the damage dealing business late (while adding even more control, because we can). Selective Grease, Web, and Shout are not subject to spell resistance and should carry you to Level 15, at which time you can utilize Arcane Trickster fully.

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Skipped Mythic Spell Penetration because elf has enough as is. Grabbed Enchantment instead. Cold was picked because Waterfall is a thing that exists. More damage for us.

The modus operandi in late-game is to cast Selective Sirocco and blast things with Chain Lightning. Selective Caustic Eruption does converted element damage but the damage over time is still acid, so we have three elements going at the same time, all triggering barrage. It’s not that much, but it adds up.

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Elemental Focus is taken to boost Chain Lightning Difficulty Class as that’s the one in most need of it.

Arcane Azata Build

RoleControl/damage dealer
RaceElf (Base)
AlignmentNeutral Good
SkillsTrickery, Mobility, Arcane, World, Stealth, Perception
Opposition SchoolsAbjuration, Necromancy, Enchantment


7181419 > 24107

Final Build

Wizard (Elemental Specialist)Alchemist (Vivisectionist)Arcane TricksterSorcerer (Cross-Blooded)


1Wizard – Spell Focus: Conjuration // Greater Spell Focus: Conjuration // Cold
3Wizard – Selective Spell
5Alchemist – Accomplished Sneak Attacker
6Arcane Trickster
7Arcane Trickster – Spell Penetration
8Arcane Trickster
9Arcane Trickster – Greater Spell Penetration
10Arcane Trickster
11Arcane Trickster – Point-Blank Shot
12Arcane Trickster
13Arcane Trickster – Precise Shot
14Arcane Trickster
15Arcane Trickster – Arcane Focus†
16Wizard – Heighten Spell
17Sorcerer – Elemental Focus: Electricity // Greater Elemental Focus: Electricity // Silver // White
19Wizard – Toughness†

† Or Cold Elemental Foci, but it’s not really worth it just for Mass Icy Prison.

Spell Priority

1Grease, Magic Missile, Magic Weapon, True Strike, Vanish
2Glitterdust, Web, Burning Arc, Scorching Ray, Sense Vitals, Mirror Image, +Stat spells
3Haste, Fireball, Lightning Bolt, Stinking Cloud
4Shout, Controlled Fireball, Greater Invisibility, Dimension Door
5Icy Prison
6Chain Lightning, Sirocco, Hellfire Ray
7Caustic Eruption, Legendary Proportions
8Stormbolts, Sunburst
9Icy Prison (Mass), Mind Blank (Communal)

Azata Spell Priority

1Unbreakable Heart, Bane
2Ode to Miraculous Magic, Cacophonous Call, Voice of Renewal
3Good Hope, Optimistic Smile, Crushing Despair
4Waterfall, Confusion, Chaotic Healing
5Second Breath, Song of Discord, Cacophonous Call (Mass), Friendly Hug, Mind Fog. Feeblemind
6Joy of Life, Songs of Steel, Protection of Nature, Heroism (Greater)
7Heroes Never Surrender, Hold Person (Mass), Revolt, Water Torrent

Mythic Path

1Abundant Casting // Force Reality
2Expanded Arsenal: Evocation
3Improved Abundant Casting
4Spell Focus (Mythic): Conjuration
5Ascendant Element: Cold
6Expanded Arsenal: Enchantment
7Greater Abundant Casting
8School Mastery: Conjuration
9Elemental Barrage
10Accomplished Sneak Attacker (Mythic)†

† Free feat, can take whatever else if you really want to. Could take second Bloodline: Arcane here for 1 more Difficulty Class on our crowd control spells. Or Fey to boost some enchantment spells.

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Azata Mythic Path

4Favorable Magic
6Zippy Magic
8Life-Bonding: Seize the Moment
9Life-Bonding: Tandem Trip
10Marvelous Endurance

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