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Pathfinder Wrath of the Righteous Attack out of Nowhere Walkthrough

Crusader scouts are reporting a worrying pattern: though approaching demon armies are normally sighted in advance on the Gray Road, sometimes they seem to appear out of thin air precisely where they shouldn’t be. They are cutting off supply lines and intercepting couriers, rations officers, and caravans of provisions. They are destroying the arteries that pump life into the cumbersome and greedy body that calls itself the crusader army. In order to push west, the Commander must first know how the demons are masking their forces, and put an end to it.

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Attack out of Nowhere Walkthrough

  • You can ask Avenia to send scouts, or simply ask Nurah (if you let her live) in the prison for where the demons come from.
  • Travel to Molten Scar and defeat the demons there. (If you pass bluff or intimidation, you can trick the Vrock sorcerer to leave.) 
  • Seelah’s friend Jannah can be rescued here. If you have Lann in your team, he will propose to transferred the victim here to mongrel tribe for care.
  • Decide what to do with the survivors, then report to Irabeth.

The surprise attacks are over. The crude butchery, the barbarous and volatile transformation of prisoners into monsters, has been stopped. The army can now advance without fearing an attack from behind.

Attack out of Nowhere Objectives

Find out how the demons are sneaking into crusader territory
The Commander must conduct reconnaissance to find out how the demons are moving their forces into crusader territory without attracting attention.

Stop the vrock sorceress
The Commander has discovered how the enemy has been moving its forces into crusader territory. A group of demons has been capturing people behind the front lines and subjecting them to a horrifying ritual performed by a vrock sorceress. The resulting packs of monsters have been the ones attacking the Commander’s forces.

Tell Irabeth about the victory
The vrock that was turning crusaders into demons has been stopped. Now the Commander can inform Irabeth that the threat has been eliminated and that the troops need no longer fear sudden attacks.Attack out of Nowhere Objectives

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