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Pathfinder Wrath of the Righteous: Baked Trickster Build

The logic here is pretty simple: stack as many dice and attacks as possible. Nothing accomplishes this quite like good old Motherless Vivisectionist (especially given the relatively high INT requirement for the skill gain). Good offense, good defense, synergistic spell-lists, 15d6 sneak, and enough feats to fit in the essentials. Beast Shape is taken to infuse party animal companions, because alchemists can.

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Go with the staff for quite a while, since Flurry will be better than +1 from the focus and switch to a falchion once you have Improved Critical. You also probably want someone with Magic Fang so your natural attacks actually hit things.

Baked Trickster Build

RoleTank/Damage dealer
RaceTiefling (Motherless)
AlignmentAny Lawful†
SkillsAthletics, Religion, World, Mobility 18, Perception 1, Stealth 1

† Doesn’t matter past Level 1.
†† +2 Initiative is the best thing we can grab here.


18 > 2215 > 16 (L4)1212167

Final Build

Monk (Traditional)Alchemist (Vivisectionist)Slayer (Arcane Enforcer)

Levelling Guide

1Monk – Dodge // Crane Style
3Alchemist – Accomplished Sneak Attacker // Feral Mutagen
5Slayer†- Outflank // Armored Mask
6Alchemist – Weapon Focus: Scythe†
7Alchemist – Dazzling Display
8Alchemist – Feral Wings
9Alchemist – Shatter Defenses
10Alchemist – Infusion
11Alchemist – Alchemist – Skill Focus: Athletics
12Alchemist – Crippling Strike
13Alchemist – Improved Critical: Scythe††
14Alchemist – Greater Mutagen
15Slayer – Opportunist // Improved Improved Critical
17Alchemist – Combat Reflexes // Improved Improved Improved Critical
19Alchemist – Grand Mutagen // Improved Improved Improved Improved Critical

†† Or Falchion.
†Or Demonslayer and just use mage armor potions you can buy and craft.

Spell Priority

1Shield, Enlarge Person, Cure Light
2Barkskin, Restoration (Lesser), Cure Moderate Wounds, Cat’s Grace, Bull’s Strength
3Haste, Resist Energy (Communal), Delay Poison (Communal), Thorn Body
4Greater Invisibility, Echolocation, Restoration, Cure Critical, Death Ward
5Beast Shape III, Spell Resistance
6Beast Shape IV, Legendary, Heal, Transformation, True Seeing

Trickster Spell Priority

1Vanish, Feather Step
2Mirror Image, Chameleon Stride, Cat’s Grace, Invisibility
3Glorious Beard, Summon Medium Beer Elemental
4Greater Invisiility, Shadow Conjuration, Summon Large Beer Elemental
5Microscopic Proportions, Summon Greater Beer Elemental. Rain of Halberds
6Summon Perpetually Annoyed Wizard
7Trick Fate, Ray of Halberds

Mythic Path

1Close to the Abyss // Thundering Blows
2Destiny Beyond Birth
3Archmage Armor
4Improved Critical (Mythic)
5Abundant Casting
6Extra Mythic Ability: Unrelenting Assault
7Leading Strike
8Flawless Attacks
9Improved Abundant Casting
10Mythic Sneak Attacker

Trickster Mythic Path

3Perception Rank 1
4Arcana Rank 1 // Perception Rank 2
5Athletics Rank 1
6Nature Rank 1 // Nature rank 2
7Religion Rank 1 // Nature Rank 3
8Mobility Rank 1 // Athletics Rank 2
9World Rank 1 // Arcana Rank 2
10Infuse Magic Device // Athletics Rank 3†

† Or Arcana 3

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