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Pathfinder Wrath of the Righteous Battered Spirit Walkthrough

Even the best people sometimes feel like imposters, pretenders to a position beyond their capabilities. It is especially easy to fall prey to such thoughts if you were responsible for — or even simply failed to prevent — the deaths of people who were counting on you. The events at the Lost Chapel and Drezen have left a ragged wound in the soul of Irabeth Tirabade, a wound which has now turned septic with self-doubt. Who else can heal Irabeth but the Commander to whom she entrusted her life?

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Battered Spirit Walkthrough

Enter Drezen’s Citadel and talk to Irabeth. Help her restore the confidence in the crusade.

Talk to Irabeth
The horrors endured in the Lost Chapel and her resulting breakdown during the battle for Drezen have destroyed Irabeth’s morale. Can she regain her confidence? Does the Commander even want that to happen? It is far from clear. But first a conversation with Irabeth is in order.

Issue an order that will allow Irabeth to spend more time among the common soldiers
The Commander succeeded in raising Irabeth’s morale, but her faith in her own abilities has not returned. However, where the Commander’s words failed, a chorus of soldiers should succeed — Irabeth distanced herself from the rank-and-file when she became the right hand of the crusade commander. To remedy this, she could temporarily be assigned to lead a small squad.

Wait for the result
The Commander did everything in his power to ensure that Irabeth could establish herself as the leader of the Drezen crusaders. All that remains is to watch and wait.”

What is a mortal soul if not the sum total of all the scars acquired over a lifetime? Some of the injuries done to Irabeth’s soul have healed. Some wounds will remain fresh forever. No matter her feelings, this knight will never turn her back on the crusade — even if now every step she takes is more painful than the last.”

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