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Pathfinder Wrath of the Righteous By Hell’s Ordinance Walkthrough

The bank of the Sellen River has become a deadly trap for a unit of Hellknights as the enemy attacks them from the sky. Helping them – or refusing to – might have far-reaching consequences. Are they allies in trouble, or envoys of a hostile force pursuing their own secret aims? Either way, a solution must be found to this pressing problem.

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By Hell’s Ordinance Walkthrough

  • In order to reach Reliable Redoubt, first, you need to defeat the gargoyle fort blocking the path. (Be sure you have an army with a strength of 4 or higher. Gargoyles have damage reduction.)
  • The map is filled with Gargoyles, they can drop from skies to attack your casters and can cast smite good, so try pushing slowly while protecting your casters. At the center of this map, you can help a wounded crusader and gets Bastard Sword of Hope.
  • Look for the cave located on the east side of the camp. Inside the cave, you can work with hell knights to deal with incoming gargoyles, or you can fight them alone.
  • After the battle, you can decide to transfer the command of Sunrise Sword order to Hell knights or to yourself. You can also recruit Regill afterward.
  • If you pass the mobility check, you can reach another part of the cave and find a ring called Demonic Heart.
  • If you let Hell Knights join your crusade, you can recruit Hell Knights for your army. They cost 150 finances and 8 resources each.
  • If you helped the Hell Knights, they can provide an additional route to storm Drezen later.

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