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Pathfinder Wrath of the Righteous Cascade of Fire Walkthrough (Pulura’s Fall puzzle)

Sarkoris is gone, wiped off the face of Golarion – but one small part is still holding on. There, in the proud shrine hidden from sight, secrets are being kept that could benefit the Abyss as well as Golarion. The only question is who will reach those secrets first.

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Find Mutasafen
Mutasafen, an ambitious demon alchemist, has discovered a certain place in the Worldwound that he believes to the of importance — the Shrine of Pulura. The Commander should make haste and find it, given that Mutasafen typically leaves nothing but ashes in his wake.

Protect the Shrine
The scholars and the keepers of the Shrine of Pulura are no match for the Commander in battle. It seems unlikely that they will be able to safeguard the shrine and their own research, which is rumored to have the potential to turn the tide of the crusade permanently.

Cascade of Fire Walkthrough

  • Travel to Pulura’s Fall in Act 5, this time you don’t need to ask for help from Gobblehoof.
  • Search the sanctum, you need to chose between saving survivors or stop Mutasafen. However, if you pick trickster path and spared Nurah, she will stop Mutasafn for you.
  • Pulura’s Fall puzzle can be solved by following order: Newlyweds, daughter, rider, patriarch, pack, follower. In the secret chamber there is a Mask for quest More than Nothing, and a book that +2 Int.
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The Shrine of Pulura is secure, but it will never be the same. A wholly expected outcome, admittedly, as it existed for a single purpose. It has outlived its usefulness.

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