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Pathfinder Wrath of the Righteous: Chad Wolf & Wolf Chad Build

Assert dominance over lesser demons by knocking them on their arse; assert dominance over your teammates by fireballing them before combat. Ride a wolfer the size of a horse; stack Armour Class (AC) and Damage Reduction on your pet so his iron skin breaks demon claws. Don’t give a damn about your own AC because only style matters. Celebrate every new location with a bottle.

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Chad Wolf & Wolf Chad Build

Core things you need to know about this build:

  • Cast Aspect of the Wolf on yourself once you have it and right-click the ability to auto-use it.
  • Shields are important for your pet to get anywhere reasonable with his AC
  • Buff your pet like you would yourself otherwise
  • Get a Skald with beast totems
  • Get a Cleric with Nobility domain
  • Use heavy shield until Fighter levels, then swap to tower shield. You have enough Attack Bonus for it.

Doing all that should get your pet to around 70 effective AC.

Chad Wolf & Wolf Chad Build

RoleControl/Damage dealer/Off-tank
RaceTiefling (Motherless)
DeityAny Evil
AlignmentAny Evil
SkillsMobility, Perception, Athletics, Stealth, Nature
Pet SkillsPerception, Mobility 3, Athletics


19 > 24161210147

Final Build

Hunter (Urban Hunter)Fighter (Mutation Warrior)Inquisitor (Sacred Huntmaster)


1Hunter – Shield Focus
2Hunter – Outflank
3Hunter – Mounted Combat
5Hunter – Indomitable Mount
6Hunter – Trip
7Hunter – Mounted Shield
9Hunter – Fury’s Fall // Disarm
11Hunter – Improved Critical: Battleaxe
12Hunter – Improved Trip
13Inquisitor – Combat Reflexes
15Inquisitor – Seize the Moment // Tandem Trip
17Fighter – Boon Companion // Spirited Charge
18Fighter – Weapon Focus: Battleaxe
19Fighter – Toughness // Weapon Specialization: Battleaxe

Pet Levelling

1Bulwark // Dodge
3Weapon Focus: Bite
4+1 INT
5Improved Unarmed
7Fury’s Fall
8+1 STR
9Crane Style
11Blind Fight
12+1 STR
13Combat Reflexes
15Power Attack
16+1 STR
19Cleaving Finish
20+1 STR

Hunter Spell Priority

1Acid Maw, Magic Fang, Lead Blades, Unbreakable Heart, Cure Light Wounds
2Aspect of the Bear, Barkskin, Sense Vitals, Natural Rhythm, Cat’s Grace
3Magic Fang (Greater), Cure Moderate, Protection From Energy (Communal), Resist Energy (Communal)
4Aspect of the Wolf, Animal Growth, Echolocation, Inspiring Recovery
Inquisitor Spells
Magic Weapon, Remove Fear, Cure Light, True Strike, Lesser restoration, Effortless Armor

Demon Spell Priority

1Enlarge Person
2Mirror Image, Consume Fear, Bear’s Endurance
3Haste, Fireball, Greater Magic Weapon, Morbid Restoration
4Abyssal Skin

Mythic Path

1Close to the Abyss // Thundering Blows
2Trip (Mythic)
3Abundant Casting
4Improved Critical (Mythic)
5Improved Abundant Casting
6Extra Mythic Ability: Mythical Beast
7Leading Strike
8Extra Mythic Ability: Mythic Charge
9Enforced Vigor
10Weapon Specialization (Mythic)
Demon Mythic Path Aspects
Kalavakus, Schir, Nabasu, Vavakia, Pazuzu, Nocticula

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