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Pathfinder Wrath of the Righteous Conundrum Unsolved Puzzle Solutions

Conundrum Unsolved Puzzle Solutions

  • It is a good idea to bring Nenio along for this area, as she has interaction with the Mysterious Ghost.
  • In order to solve this puzzle, you will need to find all the slabs of symbols first.
  • In Beta, the slabs can be found at Topaz Solutions, Underground Hideout (You can return to Kenabres in ACT 3 if you missed Topaz Solutions.) In 1.0, slabs are instead found in the urns next to the puzzle itself.
  • There are four one-block pieces and four two-block pieces.  The one-block pieces are static, each can only be placed in one of the one block spaces and are locked in permanently once placed.  The two-block pieces are the key to the puzzle.  They must be placed so that three  conditions are satisfied: 1. that all four two-block pieces are placed in the puzzle. 2. each symbol on every two-block piece matches the symbols on the pieces that touch it 3. That the symbols in a straight line across the puzzle from the one-block pieces match the two one-block pieces along that line.
  • The two-block pieces may be placed facing different directions depending on which interaction spot you click on for that slot.  If one of them is not allowing you to place the puzzle piece, click on the other interaction spot.
  • After the puzzle is solved, a hidden room will be revealed and the Mysterious Ghost will speak to you, directing the party to seek out the Heart of Mystery to solve another puzzle and learn the secrets of the universe. The room also contains two sarcophagi with loot: 2 potions of Delay Poison, 1 potion of Inflict Moderate Wounds, a set of Elven Notes that can be given to the Storyteller,  +2 Hide Barding, and Diamond Dust.
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Conundrum Unsolved Puzzle Solutions
(You may need to rotate camera angle)

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