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Pathfinder Wrath of the Righteous Daeran Quest Guide

How to Recruit Daeran
Daeran Joins you at Arendae Party House

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Daeran Quest Guide

While the World Burns Objectives

Talk to Inquisitor Liotr as soon as possible
The Inquisitor is waiting for the Commander in the camp for an important discussion

Secure an invitation to Heaven’s Edge from Daeran
The matter that brought the stern Liotr Hawkblade to the Commander concerns Daeran Arendae’s mysterious past. Ten years ago the demons slaughtered everyone at the Heaven’s Edge estate, and the house was abandoned shortly after. Now the Inquisitor needs to get the Count’s permission to revisit Heaven’s Edge and uncover its secrets.

Go to Heaven’s Edge
The site of numerous gruesome deaths is soon to become the heart of fun and revelry. The Count wishes to celebrate his birthday at the old estate. The Commander should accompany Daeran on his trips, and Inquisitor Liotr will follow close behind.

Distract Daeran in the yard
The Inquisitor wants to conduct his investigation discreetly. The Commander needs to find a way to distract the Count, as he might stand in Liotr’s way.

Lure Daeran out of the room
The next place the Inquisitor wants to examine is the room Daeran chose to stay in tonight

Occupy Daeran’s attention in the hall
Liotr wants to see the place where he found the dead demons on that fateful day: the manor’s great hall. The Count must not see him snooping around.

Check on Inquisitor Liotr
So here lies the solution to this puzzle. A mysterious supernatural entity caused the unfortunate events ten years ago. The truth shocked the Inquisitor so much that he fainted… Or is something worse afoot?

While the World Burns Walkthrough

  • You need to talk to Liotr and distract Daeran.
  • Let Liotr examine the three locations and learn what happened in the past.
  • Light the alcohol on fire in the courtyard to activate the fire suppression system
  • Talk to Liotr – he will have a vision.
  • Go to the bedroom and suggest that Daeren have a nude portrait painted by the cleric.
  • Liotr will investigate the bedroom and have another vision.
  • Go to the main hall and wait for Daeran’s conversation with the cleric to end. He’ll walk over to a table by Lann.
  • Suggest to Daeren a drinking competition against Lann
  • Take Daeren’s side over Lann when prompted.
  • Daeren will get sick and leave.
  • Liotr will have another vision and be overwhelmed.
  • Liotr will tell you about the Other and ask you to keep it a secret.
  • Quest end.

Everyone has their own deep dark secrets, and the Commander has just involuntarily uncovered one of them.

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