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Pathfinder Wrath of the Righteous Day of the City Walkthrough

Day of the City Walkthrough

Once the game starts, you are treated to a cutscene during a festival. Your character is brought along wounded to the festival. You learn that you were found barely alive outside the walls of Kenabres. Hulrum orders the guards to take your Weapons away, because they are not permitted during the festival. After that, he attempts to heal you, but realizes that his powers aren’t enough and ask for Terendelev.

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Hulrum proceeds to interrogate you about your origins. Terendelev shows up and interrupts Hulrum’s interrogation, before she heals you and talks to you about your situation and her status as a Dragon. She will ask you to meet her at the Cathedral tomorrow, to find a way to fully cure you.

Day of the City Walkthrough

The dart stand can be found at the left of the big tent. Interact to start the game. To complete the Throw a dart at the target objective.

You will find a small drinking stand on the right side of the big tent. It has a few bar stools, interact with the bartender to try the special drink.

Once you finished 2 of the available activities, the demon army will appear and slaughter the defenders. Terendelev will transform into her Dragon form as Deskari, the Lord of Locusts jumps into the festival. The demon will cut off the dragon’s head using his giant scythe.

Day of the City Walkthrough

After that scene, you will be hiding behind a broken table. A guard will approach you, prompting you to choose between fleeing or staying to fight. Whatever you choose, Deskari will swing his scythe to the ground, causing you to fall into it and start the next quest Devoured by Darkness.

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