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Pathfinder Wrath of the Righteous Deep-Rooted Derangement Walkthrough

Since ancient times, mystics have believed that the barrier between the planes is at its thinnest in Sarkoris. It is no surprise that this ancient kingdom of shamans and warriors fell, leaving behind only ruins and half-remembered names of interest now only to historians. Right until he very end, the shamans hoped for the return of Aroden, who would save them from the Worldwound. Based on that, it is fair to say that the Sarkorians were a hardheaded, stubborn people. Perhaps traces of their magic have clung on just as stubbornly to this land, for the spirits that inhabited Sarkoris have not disappeared — unlike those who possessed the ability to speak to the spirits and direct them.

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Deep-Rooted Derangement Walkthrough

  • You will find a giant plague bear in Wintersun, after the cut scene push forward to the northwest part of the map, there you can find a cave.
  • Inside the cave, you can find a letter indicate the the identity of the shaman lived here.
  • Find the shaman and confront her, after that, you can leave the cave. The plague bear will then appear and fight you.
  • After you defeat the plague bear, you can pass a perception check to find out its actually controlled by the shaman.
  • Back to the cave and confront the shaman again, then decide how to solve the situation. (If you let the shaman bind the abyss spirit, she will later use these animals to protect the settlement. Otherwise the sarkorians will move to other lands.)

Miracles do not exist: the shaman paid a heavy price to ensure that her forest continued to grow even in the midst of the Worldwound. The Commander judged the matter as he thought was fair, but can fairness even exist in a place where the Abyss reigns supreme?

Deep-Rooted Derangement Objectives

Find the lair and defeat the beast
The animals in this forest have worked out how to survive in the Wound, but they have also lost their minds in the process. Only one animal is suspiciously sanguine: a giant bear that has been observing the Commander from the dense undergrowth. Perhaps its lair holds the answer to the mystery.

Tell the Shaman what happened
The old shaman cherishes her forest above all else. She’ll certainly have something to say when she learns how the encounter with the bear ended.

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