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Pathfinder Wrath of the Righteous Demonic Hide and Seek Walkthrough

During its last session, the council set a new, exceptionally ambitious goal of converting the Worldwound into a crossroads of worlds that connects a multituted of planes. Is such a thing possible? Theoretically, yes. Could it be achieved in actuality? That is a much more difficult question… But it appears that Socothbenoth knows where to look for answers.

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Demonic Hide and Seek Walkthrough

Note: Cobblehoof’s returns in Chapter 5 in my experience.

This is the Trickster related mythic quest. Your first step is to find Socothbenoth, he’s on top of a roof in Middle City. You can reach there through Fleshmarkets (mobility check required.)

The second part of Lexicon of Paradox is in the House of Silken Shadows, you can get in there after quest The Art of Making Friends.

Demonic Hide and Seek Objectives

Talk to Socothbenoth
Socothbenoth knows he is not welcome in the city where his sister reigns supreme. This cunning demon has skillfully hidden himself from the gaze of his enemies. It might be worth seeking him out to learn of his plans.

Find the second part of the Lexicon of Paradox
If the council members wish to understand what can be done about the Worldwound, it would be wise for them to consult the notes made by its Arhitect, Areelu Vorlesh, in the document known as the Lexicon of Paradox. By a fortunate coincidence, the great spellcaster lives here, in Alushinyrra, but acquiring her belongings may prove difficult, since she resides in the palace of Nocticula herself.

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Bring the second part of the Lexicon of Paradox to Socothbenoth
And thus, the second part of the Lexicon of Paradox has been acquired. Nocticula would gladly take a look at it – and who wouldn’t? Thankfully, the council members do not intend to seize the Lexicon for themselves; they simply want to read its contents. One might wonder, what thoughts will be planted in the heads of such powerful entities by the Architect of the Worldwound’s notes about her work…

Wait for Cobblehoof’s return (He returns in Chapter 5)
It seems that Cobblehoof has an idea. It wouldn’t do to underestimate the most taciturn member of the council. He may only be a humble servant of Abadar, and not an empyreal lord, but his position allows him access to the vast resources of his master.

The crossroads of worlds – a mad, foolish, and extremely dangerous idea – is starting to take shape. What sort of conclusions did Eritrice draw from what was written? And what did Cobblehoof leave in such a haste to obtain? It will be quite interesting to see what comes of this “experiment.”

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