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Pathfinder Wrath of the Righteous Dreams in Ruin Walkthrough

Dreams become nightmares, and nightmares become flesh. Did the succubus truly hope her experiments with goodness would be confined to the realm of her imagination? After all, the evil acts that she is currently attempting to renounce took place in the waking world. It is logical to assume that the path in the opposite direction must also traverse the coarse reality of the material world.

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Dreams in Ruin Walkthrough

  • After talking to Arueshalae, take her to the Dimalchio’s mansion in Upper City.
  • The Mansion is located right above the entry point of Upper City, called enchanted Mansion. 
  • Once you enter the Mansion, Dimalchio will try to sway Arueshalae out of her path. You need to help Arueshalae stay strong and fight Dimalchio’s influence.
  • After that, defeat Dimalchio and his mercernaries.
  • Talk to Arueshalae again and receive quest Time to Think.

Some provisional findings can be drawn from this experiment. The nature of an intelligent being, whether mortal or supernatural, is malleable, and the world of dreams may heavily influence its evolution. At the same time, dreams are treacherous and often turn against the dreamer. In Arueshale’s case, the clash of dreams and reality has produced a rather dramatic effect. Final conclusions may be drawn only after the consequences of this event have become clear.

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