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Pathfinder Wrath of the Righteous Durability Test Walkthrough

The Pillar of Skulls has advised the Commander to test the ziggurat’s defenses. An attack will reveal any weaknesses in the fortifications and eliminate any malcontents in the crusader camp, of which there are many. Ciar, the leader of the Everbright Crusadrers, has been chosen as the living sacrifice whose blood will be the first to fall on the stones of the ziggurat. He will be easy to manipulate, and his uprising and subsequent execution will serve as a useful demonstration of the consequences of insubordination.

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Durability Test Walkthrough

Talk to the Pillar of Skulls
The Pillar of Skulls summons the Commander to the ziggurat. It has valuable information.

Provoke Ciar
Ciar is mourning his dead protege Morveg. Provoking him to stage a revolt will be easy.

Talk to the Pillar of Skulls
Ciar will attack the ziggurat when the Commander is inside it. He hopes to wipe out all of Drezen’s undead in one fell swoop. This offers an excellent opportunity to stage an ambush.

Defeat Ciar
Ciar and his faithful knights have broken the law and staged a revolt. They are storming the Commander’s ziggurat. This is the perfect moment to teach the rebels and malcontents a lesson. The plan is so simple, so effective, that the most difficult part is deciding on a suitable punishment for Ciar.

The ziggurat passed its stress test with flying colors. Ciar Cobelen, however, proved less resilient. Blinded by grief, he raised a revolt against the Commander. Now his knights have swelled the ranks of the ziggurat’s guards, and Ciar himself no longer poses a threat.

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