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Pathfinder Wrath of the Righteous Experiencing the Bliss Walkthrough

Gladiator fights are one of the most popular entertainments among demons. And their passion for bloody shows, along with their love for massacre and craving for conquer, is one of the few similarities that unite demons and turn them into society instead of an unruly horde of monsters. The names of the stars that perform at the arena best known as the Battlebliss, resound throughout all of Alushinyrra. The champion title can bring its bearer true glory. Perhaps, even Nocticula herself will direct her attention to such person.

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Experiencing the Bliss Walkthrough

  • Agree to attend the fights in Battlebliss Arena.
  • After your first fight, agree to buy gladiators for the Arena.
  • Go the Fleshmarkets in Middle City and ask about all the slavetraders about gladitor slaves.
  • Return to Arena and prepare for 2nd battle, this time your party will be randomly teleported to different corner of the arena.
  • Next, Zeklex tasks you to hire some succubi to entertain the arena champion, pass the persuasion check so he pays you upfront.
  • Travel to 10 thousand delights, and ask the owner Chivarro, and she directs you to Palace of Incest and Degeneracy in the Upper City.
  • The Palace of Incest and Degeneracy can be found in Upper City, however, the succubi there asks you to pay them even you already paid Chivaroro. You will need to pass intimidation check to make them behave.
  • Return to Arena and face the Nahyndrian League fighter. This time you will be knocked out after winning, and the owner claim you as his slaves.
  • Talk to other gladitors and see if you can find any allies. One of the gladitors, called The Dire-One, is actually Sosiel’s brother. (Prisoner of Abyss) If you hired the succubus, you can now instruct them to poison your opponent. 
  • Once you are prepared, and find allies in gladitors, you can proceed to arena and fight Gelderfang.
  • After wining the fight and your freedom, decide who should run the arena afterwards.

The incubus Gelderfang is dead and the arena bows down before its new champion. Her name is on the lips of every Alushinyrran.

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