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Pathfinder Wrath of the Righteous Feud of the Faithful Walkthrough

Kill Ramien
Prelate Hulrun will not rest until Ramien is dead. And, knowing the prelate, it is unlikely he will be satisfied even after that.

Tell Hulrun that Ramien is dead
The grisly deed is done – time, to deliver the good news to the prelate.

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Feud of the Faithful Walkthrough

  • You can find Hulrun and Ramien at the center of Market Square, after a short confrontation, Hulrun will task you to hunt and Kill Ramien.
  • You can find Ramien in front of the Temple of Desna, and learn his side of the story. He will also give you Starward Gaze if you don’t kill him.
  • If you decide to help Ramien not kill him, return to Hulrun and explain what happened. If you succeed, Hulrun will leave Ramien for now, and join the defense force led by Irabeth. Tell Ramien about Hulrun’s decision.
  • If you want, after talking to Ramien, you can return to Hulrun and kill him. Then head back to Ramien to tell him about Hulrun’s death.
  • However, if you are inclined to complete Hulrun’s orders, just attack Ramien and engage in a fight. Once killed, return to Hulrun to tell him the news. You earn 530 Experience.
  • Once you complete this Quest, you can tell Hulrun or Ramien (not both), leading one of them to bring along his forces for A Common Cause.

The feud between two servants of faith has been settled. A question out of curiosity – what will become of mortals should the gods grow weary of restraining themselves and decide to settle their disputes once and for all? It is likely that when this happens, the days of the crusades will seem to mortals like an era of peace and prosperity.

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