Pathfinder Wrath of the Righteous From a Dead Woman’s Hands Walkthrough

Pathfinder Wrath of the Righteous

Each crusader had their own reasons for joining the battle against the Abyss. What drives Sosiel Vaenic? Is it just the noble urge to save the world from the demonic invasion? Or are there personal motives behind his heroism?

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From a Dead Woman’s Hands Walkthrough

  • During the quest A Blow from the Sky, you find a dead Hell Knight woman who has the shield of Trever.
  • Talk to Regill about the woman.
  • After some time an imposter will show up in Drezen, claiming to know the story of Trever. You can put him in jail and interrogate him with Sosiel to learn more about Sosiel’s brother.
  • Go back to Lost Chapel and find the Hell Knight deserters, from them you can learn more about Trever.

A veil of silence has lifted – but there was nothing behind it for the young cleric. He still doesn’t know what happened to Trever, or where to look for him. The only lead is the name of the Hellknight unit that the woman with his brother’s shield had come from – the Extirpators. But finding a specific unit in the Worldwound is nearly as difficult as tracking down a single person.

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