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Pathfinder Wrath of the Righteous Grudges to Settle Walkthrough

Everyone needs friends, especially in a place like Alushinyrra. Chivarro, the owner of the Ten Thousand Delights, could have made a valuable ally. Basically, all demons are driven by their desires, they are controlled by their whims, so the person who controls the source of satisfying every inclination must be really influential. However, it’s most unlikely that her good attitude will come with no fee.

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Grudges to Settle Walkthrough

In 10 thousand delights, the owner Chivarro asks you to punish the demons who abducted succubi.

Travel to Rotten Guttery in lower City. However, you didn’t find any demons here, but some mercenaries instead. Talk with them and you will learn that it’s Chivarro hired them to ambush you here.

After you cleared the mercenaries, go back to ten thousand delights and confront Chivarro. You will learn that Chivarro is actually an ally of Minagho, she will escape the ten thousand delights afterwards.

With the change of management of ten thousand delights, you can now buy equipment and from its new mistress, and use the portal here to go to Upper City.

You now need to hunt down Chivarro, who is now hiding in Lower City. You can find her at east part of the area, below Rotten Guttery.

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Kill Chivarro and go back to Ten Thousand Delight to claim your rewards.

Chivarro’s lies have been exposed and her plans for revenge shattered. She is no longer a danger, and the new madam of the Ten Thousand Delights will wish to thank the Commander for his part in freeing up the position.

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