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Pathfinder Wrath of the Righteous Gwerm Family Secrets Walkthrough

Power twists and warps all who possess it. Once a person becomes accustomed to a special position in society, they develop a condescending attitude to others. This attitude remains even when society itself crumbles around them. Horgus Gwerm, a man blessed by noble birth and no small amount of superiority, has found himself in unusual circumstances. He persists in clinging to his riches and power, even as their value dwindles with every passing minute.

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Gwerm Family Secrets Walkthrough

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Once you’ve reached the surface, take Camellia to Gwerm’s Mansion (south of Defenders’ Heart). There, Horgus will instruct you to clear out the rooms of ruffians.

In the northeast room with the Abrikandilu, loot d Soup (recipe) from the chest. The Abrikandilu itself will go down a little easier with cold iron weapons; Barkskin on your front liner will help as well.

In the southeastern-most (locked) room, loot Sickle of Falteras from the chest.

To the west you’ll find the stairs to the second floor. Before you head up, kill the two Cambions in the room south of the stairs and take Silver Robe from the chest.

Defeat another Abrikandilu in the northwest room and take Magic essence from among the loot.

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In the northeast room, defeat another Abrikandilu as well as a surprise Babau (debuffing the latter probably isn’t worth it; just focus on buffing your Armour Class as well as cold iron/good damage to get around its Damage Reduction). Post-fight, disarm the trap on the chest in the corner and take Shortbow of Code from inside.

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Next, look for the interact button on the window in the corner to signal to Horus, then go southeast past the secret exit behind the armoire. Follow him and pass the Perception 9 check to find there’s something off about the paintings he’s after. Ask him who’s in the paintings to discover he’s not the real Horgus, and Camellia is his daughter.

Killing them both will end the quest here and yield 1000G, Headband of Alluring Charisma +2, and whatever loot Camellia had on her. Letting them live with net you 2000G and 460XP. Lockpick the armoire in the back for Breastplate +1.

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