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Pathfinder Wrath of the Righteous: Instinctual Trickster Build

This savage is a crafty one! It’s your barbarian, except the sort that wants to live and considers her brutish relatives a bunch of chest-pounding imbeciles. Stacks monstrous damage (including 11-20/x5 crit) and has some divine support for the team. Mythic Charge applies on every strike with Pounce. Archmage Armour comes from Mage Armour potions (which you should buy and craft). Other than that, there’s nothing tricky about the build (no pun intended).

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Instinctual Trickster Build

RoleDamage dealer/tank
RaceTiefling (Motherless)
AlignmentAny non-Lawful
BackgroundMartial Disciple
SkillsMobility 3, Athletics, Religion, Perception (spare)


18 > 2214141017 > 187

Final Build

Barbarian (Instinctual Warrior)Fighter (Mutation Warrior)


1Barbarian – Dodge
3Barbarian – Crane Style
4Barbarian – Lethal Stance
5Barbarian – Outflank
7Barbarian – Rage Power: Lesser Beast Totem
8Barbarian – Beast Totem
9Barbarian – Improved Critical: Falchion†
10Barbarian – Beast Totem, Greater
11Barbarian – Weapon Focus: Falchion†
12Barbarian – Deadly Accuracy
13Barbarian – Power Attack
15Barbarian – Improved Improved Critical
16Barbarian – Lethal Accuracy
17Fighter – Improved Improved Improved Critical // Cleave
18Fighter – Cleaving Finish
19Fighter – Improved Improved Improved Improved Critical
20Fighter – Weapon Specialization

† Or whatever else weapon you fancy. Scythe is a solid option too.

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Key Trickster Spells

1Feather Step, Vanish
2Blur, Cat’s Grace
3Glorious Beard, Displacement
4Greater Invisibility
5Rain of Halberds, Microscopic Proportions
6Summon Perpetually Annoyed Wizard, Summon Elder Beer Elemental
7Trick Fate, Ray of Halberds

Mythic Path

1A Bit of Fun† // Limitless Rage
2Extra Mythic Ability > Archmage Armor
3Thundering Blows
4Improved Critical (Mythic)
5Mythic Charge
6Power Attack (Mythic)
7Ever Ready
8Flawless Attacks
9Leading Strike
10Weapon Specialization (Mythic)

† Or Close to the Abyss.

Trickster Mythic Path

3Perception Rank 1
4Nature Rank 1 // Perception Rank 2
5Athletics Rank 1
6Religion Rank 1 // Nature Rank 2
7Mobility Rank 1 // Nature Rank 3
8Arcana Rank 1 // Arcana Rank 2
9Infuse Magic Device 1 // Religion Rank 2: Community, Nobility†
10World 1 // Arcana Rank 3

† Religion Rank 2 is currently bugged and only provides one domain. Pick your poison for now.

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