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Pathfinder Wrath of the Righteous Look for Survivors Walkthrough

Look for Survivors Walkthrough

You’ll find yourself in the Underground Caves of Kenabres, just ahead, you’ll find Anevia who is pinned on the ground and is being helped by . You’ll gain 125 EXP for this sequence. Seelah will then ask you to help in trying to get Anevia under the boulders. You’ll need to pass a skill check of 12 Athletics, Knowledge (World), or Diplomacy in order to successfully rescue her and to avoid becoming fatigued which if it happens, applies penalties. If you pass the Evil dialogue skill check, you’ll gain 9 EXP and 200 Gold – after helping Anevia, Seelah joins your party as a Companion and you’ll also be prompted a guide on how the party system works.

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After helping Anevia, continue forward and just a few steps, look to your left, and you’ll find a loot chest containing some items such as the Cloak of Resistance +1. Swap out your gear if you want to but don’t forget to equip a torch so that you can light up the path you’re going through. Continue forward and you’ll find a Terendelev’s Scale on the ground, keep pushing forward and you’ll bump into another survivor, Camellia, who will join the party right after speaking to her. This dialogue sequence yields 125 EXP, apart from that, you’ll be prompted a guide on how to use abilities – after speaking to Camellia, loot the body that was near her to find a Masterwork Dagger.

You should have access to the Light Spell, so you can swap out your torch and conjure the Light spell to use as your source of light and then continue to the next section of the area where you’ll first encounter enemies along the way such as Young Giant Centipede, Spitting Giant Centipede, Monitor Lizard, and Giant Fly. Make sure to check the far east side of the map to find a Bracers of Armor +1 from a body and then head to the west side to trigger another dialogue sequence where you’ll find Lann and Wenduag. Ask them of course what their agenda is for being in the caves and you’ll learn that they are looking for a holy sword, they won’t really reward you with anything but you can have them join your party and they’ll offer to help you find a way out of the caves, just give them a hand in finding the holy sword.

In the tomb section, there are some loot that you can find such as Grinding Stone, simply check the north end side of the tomb and interact with the rubble to reveal the Holy Sword. After finding the sword, you’ll switch to a sequence where your character will see a vision. Your choices won’t matter here since you’ll still end up with receiving 125 EXP and the Angel Mythic Path, but take note that this is not the game’s section where you will get to select your Mythic Path – shortly after, your character will be back to the tomb where you found the sword, along with your Companions.

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