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Pathfinder Wrath of the Righteous Lost Chapel Walkthrough

Lost Chapel Walkthrough

  • Survive the night attack
  • Go to the Lost Chapel
  • Rescue the prisoners
  • Kill Nulkineth
  • Talk to Anevia

When your army approaches Drezen, a random encounter may occur when you enter the war camp The camp is under attack by Gargoyles, you need to wipe them out while finding your other teammates. Lann will join you in the commander’s tent, Camellia and Seelah can be found at the war camp. (With high perception skill, you can catch Nurah involved in some suspicious activity.) Woljif will temporarily leave the party, you may later find him in the quest Crescent of the Abyss.

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The crusaders can help you a lot when fighting Gargoyles, if your character is a caster with low HP. Use these crusaders to tank the Gargoyles, while youn use spells from a safe distance. The leader of the Gargoyles will take Irabeth and your other companions as prisoners at Lost Chapel. A little north from the crusader’s camp at Lost Chapel, you can find Ember and Daeran, who just managed to escape from their captors.

If you spared Yaker at Reliable Redoubt, and let Hell Knights join the crusader. You will meet him at the top side of this map, helping crusaders to escape. Sosiel is at the top right of the map, finding him progress his personal quest A Veil of Silence. Not far from Sosiel, you will meet a wounded crusader and some ghouls pretending to be corpses trying to ambush you. Prepare to attack, not warn them, so you can save that crusader.

Further down the road, Regill is fighting some gargoyles with his units. You can let him join your team or send him to the foot of the mountain. Keep moving forward, you can save a crusader from the pile of bodies if you passed the mobility check. The gate of the lost chapel is guarded by ghouls, cultists, and succubus. Inside, you will find the ghouls are trying to execute the prisoners. Defeat them and loot for Amulet of Mighty Fist +2 and a Light Shield +2. (if you pass the Intimidation or Diplomacy check, you can prevent one prisoner from converting)

In the basement of the Lost Chapel, you will meet Zacharius, a legendary hero of the crusade. However, he turns out to be a lich forced into the crusade, if you refuse to return his wand to him, you will need to fight him. (It’s a very difficult battle. However, as a Lich, he is vulnerable to positive energy. Use protection from evil and protection from chaos on your team, and use the summoned creatures to tank for you. Once defeated, Zacharius drops Dried hand of Martyr, CHA+2 headband, Natural Armor +1, Amulet of Protection +1, Ring of Protection +1, and a Cloak of Resistance +1)

If you give back the wand to him, he will be freed with the promise to meet you again in the future. Note that this is an Evil action. (This is required for the Lich Mythic Path). Captured crusaders can be found across the Lost Chapel, if you managed to pass the Stealth check and kill the ghoul tormentors you can free them. In case you don’t manage to pass the check, the crusaders will be killed.

Irabeth is in one of the rooms in the chapel, free her to progress the quest. (If Queen Galfrey joined the crusade, she can also be found in the chapel, and can help you clear Enemies.) Prepare your team before venturing forth, Nulkineth waits right next to Irabeth’s cell. Once you take down this enemy (loot: Flail of False Hope, Belt of Mighty Constitution, Cloak of Resistance +2), you will unlock the second level of Mythic Hero class.

Once you have cleared the enemies inside the chapel, you can descend to the mountain foot using the path through the graveyard. There are lots of ghouls and Gargoyles wandering in this area, but you will also find lots of valuable loot, namely a +2 DR3/pierce chain shirt in a cave. Return to the Crusader’s camp and talk to Anevia to complete the quest. If you found suspicious perfume in Nurah’s tent, and caught her set fire, you can challenge her now. She will be revealed as a spy of demonic army, however, if you pick trickster Mythic Path, you can try to recruit her.

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