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Pathfinder Wrath of the Righteous Melee Sorcerer Build

Regardless of what focus you pick, go with the staff until Level 11.

Start Lawful Good, make every evil decision under the sun to roleplay the Lich thing, and use an Atonement Scroll if you ever want to use Divine Grace. Background doesn’t really matter; just pick whatever you feel is appropriate.

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Does somewhere around 400-500 damage per round (DPR) by teens, not counting Attacks of Opportunity (AoO). Pretty good.

Melee Sorcerer Build

RoleTank/Damage dealer/Support
AlignmentLawful Good†
SkillsMobility 3, Arcana 5††, Persuasion, Athletics
BloodlineAcid Dragon (Green, Black, or Copper)†††

† Any lawful will do, but you will miss out on bestow grace if you are not Lawful Good. Lawful Evil is more roleplaying-appropriate, though.

†† Make sure you have this at 5 by the time you are Level 5.

††† Can be of any Draconic bloodline, but the small amount of resistance you get from it is most beneficial as acid. We don’t care about the spell damage part.


18 > 2215 > 16 (L4)1271016

Final Build

Monk (Scaled Fist)SorcererDragon DiscipleEldritch Knight

Levelling Guide

1Monk – Dodge // Martial Weapons Proficiency // Crane Style
2Sorcerer – Extend Spell
3Sorcerer – Weapon Focus†
5Sorcerer – Dazzling Display
6Dragon Disciple
7Dragon Disciple – Outflank // Improved Initiative
8Dragon Disciple
9Dragon Disciple – Shatter Defenses
10Eldritch Knight – Power Attack
11Eldritch Knight – Improved Critical
12Eldritch Knight
13Eldritch Knight – Weapon Specialization
14Eldritch Knight – Cleave
15Eldritch Knight – Cleaving Finish
16Eldritch Knight
17Eldritch Knight – Greater Weapon Focus
18Eldritch Knight – Combat Reflexes
19Eldritch Knight – Toughness††

† Pick whatever weapon you fancy. Staves will get an extra attack from Flurry, but it’s up to preference. I chose falchion for a blind run just because the threat range is way too good to pass up.
†† Or Arcane Strike.

Spell Priority

1Magic Weapon, Shield, Mage Armor (Bloodline), Magic Missile, True Strike, Vanish
2Mirror Image, Blur, Sense Vitals, +stat spells
3 Haste, Resist Energy (C), Mastery of Flesh
4Vampiric Blade, Animate Dead, Consume Undead, Protection from Energy (C)
5Angelic Aspect, Echolocation, Repurpose, Geniekind
6Bone Shield, Transformation, Heroism (G), Dispel Magic (G), False GraceSiphon Life
7Blessing of Unlife, Waves of Exhaustion, Legendary Proportions, Feast of Blood
8Frightful Aspect, Seamantle, Protection from Spells
9Mind Blank (C), Corrupt Magic, Foresight, Energy Drain

Lich spells are highlighted in yellow.

Lich Mythic Path

3Indestructible Bones // Skeletal Marksman†
4Skeletal Bard††
6Weapon of Death
9Magic Devourer

† Reasoning is simple: first, undead can’t be enlarged (at least not easily). Second, the melee line will already be quite packed in most parties already. Since his STR is +0, toss him a heavy crossbow and an amulet from the Heart of Stone in Wintersun.

†† 30 rounds of free Dirge and some spells is great. Skeleton Wisdom and INT are weak so it wouldn’t even be able to cast Cleric, Inquisitor, or Magus spells. Boo.

Mythic Path

1Close to the Abyss // Abundant Casting
2Weapon Focus (Mythic)
3Lich // Archmage Armor
4Improved Critical (Mythic)
5Improved Abundant Casting
6Weapon Specialization (Mythic)
7Greater Abundant Casting
8Flawless Attacks
9Elemental Barrage
10Power Attack (Mythic)

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