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Pathfinder Wrath of the Righteous Middlegame Walkthrough

A sudden ascent is a perilous moment for any military leader. Yesterday, the Commander was in charge of a small fighting force, the vanguard of the Mendevian army, as it completed a risky mission. Today that force is the Mendevian army itself. Will the Commande’s talents be up to the task of transforming a squad into a full-fledged warrior host?

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Middlegame Walkthrough

Build the Main Stables in Drezen
An army cannot be considered viable until it has decent scouting capabilities. To ensure there are sufficient mounted scouts for the army, the Commander must erect a building for keeping battle mounts in Drezen.

Liberate the region
The war cannot be won from behind Drezen’s walls. In order to pose a serious threat to the Worldwound, the crusaders must go on the offensive, expanding the territory under their control and driving the demons westward. Only once it has liberated significant swathes of land will the army no longer need to fear sudden attacks on its headquarters.

From the Staff Council
The more forces the Commander controls, the more challenging it is to manage them alone. To ensure appropriate strategig leadership of the armies, the Commander must form a Staff Council.

Order the crusade’s craftsmen to improve the relic
If armed soldiers are the teeth and claws of any fighting force, then logistics are the muscles. If a military leader fails to develop their army’s supply chains, the army’s strikes will have little impact.
Fragments of the past sometimes fall into the crusaders’ hands, artifacts both sacred and profane thast possess great power. By gathering experienced craftsmen in Drezen, the Commander can see these ancient treasures transformed into truly powerful objects.

The Commander has succeeded in turning a small expeditionary squad into a true army, one capable of waging war against a superior oponent while providing for its own needs.

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