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Pathfinder Wrath of the Righteous On the Cusp of the Abyss Walkthrough

On the Cusp of the Abyss Walkthrough

  • The quest is activated at the end of the “Know Thy Enemy” quest. Return to Drezen and speak with the Hand. You then need to find a way to break the demonic seal.
  • You need to finish the 4th mythic level quests (different depends on the path you chose. For trickster, the quest is The Fool King.) and travel to Areelu’s Lab (located below Legacy of the Ancients on worldmap. Southwest to the Ivory Sanctum). In side Areelu’s lab, you will find Areelu’s Lexicon of Paradox, which would be enough to remove the seal.
  • In the Midnight Fane, you will need to find three keys to unlock the door to centre hall. The baphomet key can be found at western hall, on a cultist near baphomet statue. The Deskari key is on another cultist at eastern hall, near Deskari statue. The Nocticula key is on a demoness in Abyss, however if you passed the will check you can get the Nocticula key without fight.
  • The real Yaniel can be found in Minago’s torture chambers. If you chose to free her, she will empower the longsword Radiance (the one you found in ACT 1).
  • Near the singel Deskari statue there is a hidden portal leads to a secret Desna alter. (Perception and Knowledge: Arcane checks required.)
  • You need to go back to your entering point once you heared your allies’ horn, otherwise Queen Galfrey will accuse you later.
  • Once you have all three keys, head towards the centre hall and defeat the enemies there. Queen Galfrey will relieve your duty as crusade leader, instead she tasks you to enter abyss and destroy the source of Nahyndrian crystals.
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The deed is done, but ahead lies a road to anothe plane, a plane of chaos and evil.

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