Pathfinder Wrath of the Righteous Rapture of Rupture Walkthrough

Pathfinder Wrath of the Righteous

Many talented and gifted individuals gained high status due to a wisely chosen patron. Finding a philanthropist who is capable to see future glory in a young and promising novice is a sophisticated art. And it is twice more complicated to find a patron who won’t eventually start treating the protégé as his or her property, lay claims and consider his or her dependent a toy or a pet. Breaking up with such a patron can be a very nasty experience or even the end of a young talent’s career.

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Rapture of Rupture Walkthrough

  1. Visit Vellexia’s Mansion
  2. Agree to attend the date at Battlebliss Arena, remember the chaotic responses pleases her.
  3. Next, travel to Harem of Ardent Dreams, whichis located on a floating isle to the east of fleshmarkets, you need to wait until it connects the market to reach there.
  4. The last encounter will take place in Rapture of Rapture. This time, if you fail to amuse her, you will have to fight her minions and herself. If you do succeed, she will reward you a amulet (+5 Natural AC, +2 ability score). If you tried chaotic approach before, this time you need to try different dialogue options.
pathfinder wotr middle city

The fleeting affair betweeen the Golarian warrior and Vellexia, the de facto leader of Alushinyrra’s aristrocracy, has come to an end. Some might call it short-lived and tragically brief, but from a statistical point of view, it was an extremely rare and happy relationship – after all, the mortal managed to remain physically and mentally intact, and to leave without being turned into a wardrobe or a notebook.

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