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Pathfinder Wrath of the Righteous: Saucerer Build

A sorcerer with some secret sauce to get her going. It’s your caster Lich, complete with a metric ton of spells, increased Difficulty Classes for both used schools of magic, ray criticals (crits), and whatever else you could dream of. Has a wide array of selective spells to use at all stages of the game, because having crowd control is a good mojo.

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Bolstered Siphon Life is devastating on crit and it can’t be saved on, so that’s one of your main tools for single target damage. Bolstered Battering Blast is also not too shabby.

New Arcana in order of taking: Level 4, 6, 8, 8, 9, 9.

Saucerer Build

RoleControl/damage dealer
RaceElf (Base)
DeityAny Evil
AlignmentLawful Evil
SkillsArcana, World, whatever else you fancy

† Depending on which skill set you like better.


7181219 > 24714

Final Build

Sorcerer (Sage)Loremaster


1Sorcerer – Spell Penetration // Selective Spell // World
3Sorcerer – Bolster Spell
5Sorcerer – Greater Spell Penetration
7Sorcerer – Spell Focus: Necromancy // Greater Spell Focus: Necromancy
9Sorcerer – Improved Initiative
11Sorcerer – Point-Blank Shot
13Sorcerer – Heighten Spell // Precise Shot
15Sorcerer – Spell Specialization: Wail of Banshee // Necromancy // Conjuration
17Sorcerer – Skill Focus†
18Loremaster – Combat Trick: Improved Improved Critical: Ray
19Loremaster – Improved Critical: Ray
20Loremaster – Rogue Trick: Improved Evasion

† Any will do, really. If you picked Pickpocket background, Trickery is best in slot.

Sorcerer Spell Priority

1Grease, Magic Weapon, Magic Missile†, True Strike, Mage Armor, Shield
2Glitterdust, Web, Invisibility†, Mirror Image, Fox’s Cunning, other +stat spells
3Haste, Ray of Exhaustion, Stinking Cloud, Battering Blast
4Boneshatter, Greater Invisibility, Shout, Dimension Door†, Enervation, Remove Curse
5Hungry Pit, Thoughtsense, Stoneskin (Communal), Break Enchantment†
6Circle of Death, Heroism (Greater), Chains of Light, Banshee Blast, True Seeing†
7Waves of Exhaustion, Legendary Proportions, True Seeing (Communal)
8Horrid Whilting, Protection From Spells, Rift of Ruin, Seamantle
9Wail of Banshee, Mind Blank (Communal), Foresight, Tsunami, Energy Drain

† Bloodline spell (no need to pick)

Lich Spell Priority

3Corrupted Blood, Power From Death
4Eye of Bodak, Consume Undead
5Bone Explosion, Repurpouse, Exsanguinate
6Siphon Life, Bone Shield
7Feast Of Blood, Blessing of Unlife, Restore Undead
8Domain of Hungry Flesh, Embrace of Death
9Corrupt Magic, Negative Eruption

Mythic Path

1Force Reality // Abundant Casting
2Expanded Arsenal: Conjuration
3Improved Abundant Casting // Lich: Sorcerer Spellbook
4Extra Mythic Ability: Greater Abundant Casting
5Second Bloodline: Arcane Bloodline
6Spell Focus (Mythic): Necromancy
7Ascendant Element: Negative Energy
8School Mastery: Necromancy
9Archmage Armor
10Sorcerous Reflex†

† Or Last Stand, depending on how much you hate loading occasionally. Would’ve taken Improved Critical here if it worked for rays, which it currently doesn’t.

Lich Mythic Path

3Indestructible Bones // Skeletal Marksman
4Skeletal Bard
6Eclipse Chill
8Skeleton Fighter – Blinding Critical // Heavy Crossbow
9Magic Devourer

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