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Pathfinder Wrath of the Righteous Seek and Ye Shall Find Walkthrough

The game of hide and seek is as old as time itself. All the peoples of Golarion have their own versions, but the basic rules are the same: one person hides, and one person seeks. The former gets the chance to feel cunning and superior over their unsuspecting opponent. The latter is turned into a hunter, tracking down a weaker prey.nPeople grow up, but their games never change. Zanedra has cast herself in the role of prey and is betting her life on her decision. The Commander is now on the hunt.

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Seek and Ye Shall Find Walkthrough

  • Travel to Temple of the Good Hunt, if you passed the perception check, you will notice that there’s a secret entrance in main hall and the local cleric is hiding something. 
  • If you get the key by force or diplomatic approach, you can explore the basement of the temple and found the Baphomet cultists activities. If you are a Lich, you can raise the priestess Delamere as an undead companion.
  • After you have complete the quest at Ivory Sanctum, return to Temple of the Good Hunt to defeat Zanedra and her followers.

The game is over. The winner is celebrating, while the loser reaps the fruits of their recklessness. The players got what they deserved — and Kyado, the little cleric by chance drawn into a game of powerful forces, got what others had preordained for him.

Seek and Ye Shall Find Objectives

Find Zanedra
Cowardice is not a failing, but the result of a natural survival instinct. Zanedra, the Baphomet cultist, thought it best to flee the battle at the Ivory Sanctum. But where has she gone to ground? It’s possible that someone who knows the habits of Baphomet cultists may be able to offer some ideas.

Defeat Zanedra
The cultist has been found! She has already lost, but she doesn’t know it yet.

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