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Pathfinder Wrath of the Righteous Spies Amidst Our Ranks Walkthrough

The people of Kenabres placed too much faith in the city’s long-established peace, which made them careless to the poinf of negligence. The Tower of Estrod — known to all citizens as the museum where many crusade relics are kepy – has been taken over by a band of demon worshipers. There is no doubt that they were drawn to that location by the museum’s treasures, many of which possess intriguing magical properties.

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Spies Amidst Our Ranks Walkthrough

Spies Amidst Our Ranks 

Travel south to Estrod Tower and fight the Vision of Yaniel (which will go down easily). Afterward, Greybor will greet you and tell you to climb up to his location.

Spies Amidst Our Ranks 

Once on the upper level, you’ll encounter some evil types fighting amongst themselves as they plot to destroy Defenders’ Heart. Despite what Greybor leads you to believe, the fight is entirely winnable right here. Simply use every buff known to man and keep your ranged characters on the high ground as much as possible. Also, approach the column on the far left with a ranged character and the right column using a melee character. Use Invisibility or Vanish on both beforehand, then have them push the columns to initiate the battle.

After the fight, loot Buckler +1 from the rubble near the right column (Perception 16 check required), as well as Heavy Mace of Fire from the bodies.

Spies Amidst Our Ranks 

Enter the basement through the doorway in the back (under the stairs), where you’ll encounter Telmer. If you save him or let him die, the letter he’s holding will be partially destroyed, yielding Largely Destroyed Letter. If you save him, you’ll instead receive Masticated Letter.

Loot the surrounding rooms for Entrapping Longbow, Grace of Peace (kukri), Magic essence, and Lady Callandra’s Chainshirt.

In the back east room you’ll find Teldon. Convince him to hand over his keys or otherwise steal them or kill him (though as the loot is missing from this area, he won’t yield anything for killing him).

Tell Irabeth what you’ve learned for 529XP, completing the quest.

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