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Pathfinder Wrath of the Righteous Stolen Moon Walkthrough

In the criminal underworld, there is no concept of justice as honest people would understand it. The young thief Woljif knows this perfectly, and he has no desire to appear before his associates without well-armed backup. But can the charges lobbied against a man infamous for his disloyalty truly be unfounded?

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Stolen Moon Walkthrough

Pathfinder Wrath of the Righteous Stolen Moon Walkthrough

You will be able to start this Quest once you free Woljif Jefto, from imprisonment in Out on Parole.

After freeing him, he reveals the Thiefling Hideout locations for you and asks you to tag along in meeting Sister Kerismei. You will have to bring Woljif in order to enter the hideout.

Sister Kerismei wants answers for a robbery gone wrong. She is pinning the blame on Woljif and wants and explanation of what happened.

Woljif will narrate the events of what transpired during that night according to him. Sister Kerismei, will start to lose her patience with Woljif’s tale and ask Woljif directly about the Moon of the Abyss, an invaluable amulet. She believes he stole the amulet for himself and sold out the rest of the operation by informing Irabeth about the robbery.

Although not fully convinced, Sister Kerismei agrees to Woljif’s proposal of finding the real traitor. After this scene, the party decides to go talk to Irabeth, to try to learn something about the robbery. Return to Defender’s Heart to talk to her.

Irabeth will point you to the Golem of the Ancientries and Wonders shop, head there. You can recruit a unique Companion, called Finnean the talking weapon, if you interact with the fallen shelf.

You can find the Golem located in the norteastern part of the shop. Use the code word “Hand of Irori” to be able to interact with it. Ask the Golem about the visitors and then specifically about Tieflings. 

The Golem will point out, three different ones. Ask about the middle-aged male tiefling. That’s the probable suspect, then ask the golem about the locations of its master.

The Golem won’t give away that information, but you can ask it about the location of the basement. It states that the basement is directly below it. Finish the conversation with the Golem, and pass an Athletics check to bypass the Golem, allowing you to enter the basement.

In the basement you will meet the shop owner, Fyllemen Frulliatros. You can get the information you need from him. When asked about the red-haired tiefling, he tells you he was wrapped in a green cloak.

By placing the pieces of info together, you learn that the culprit is a red-haired tiefling male with long straight horns, who wears a green cloak, return to Sister Kerismei at the Tiefling Hideout.

Note that there are five Tieflings on their knees near Sister Kerismei, compare their looks with the information you have. This makes Melroun, the only one that fits that description.

Talk to Sister Kerismei and select “I’m ready to give a name.”  and select Melroun, who will attempt to flee before being wounded by Sister Kerismei.

Later on, Sister Kerismei will tell you what Melroun confessed. You can ask to join the family, and you will earn a Thiefling Ring for it.

Return to Defender’s Heart and talk to Woljif Jefto. He will show you the Moon of the Abyss, and reveal that he has it since the day of the robbery. Now, you can decide how to react to this revelation.

Pathfinder Wrath of the Righteous Stolen Moon Walkthrough

The Moon of the Abyss, which originally belonged to the Jefto family, has ended up in Woljif’s keeping. Whether this is debatable, but nevertheless, Woljif has held on to what he claims is his. In the criminal underworld, that is enough to consider him the rightful owner by law — insofar as people of that ilk understand the concept of “law.”

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