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Pathfinder Wrath of the Righteous The Art of Making Friends Walkthrough

The Art of Making Friends Walkthrough

Go to the Bad Luck Tavern, the owner there can share some rumors about the Alushinyrra’s leaders with you.

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The Harem of Ardent Dreams is located on a floating isle to the east of fleshmarkets, you need to wait until it connects the market to reach there. You can gain access by complete the quest Rapture of Rapture.

Talk to Shamira after quest Rapture of Rapture, she will task you to find out the secrets of Nahyndrian crystal.

Travel to Lower City. Ask one of the beggars about Ziforian, then, go to the east part of the area (Where you found Chivarro, below the Rotten Guttery, near the path you enter the city for the first time), there’s another beggar telling you need to find the leader of beggars to learn the info about Ziforian. The Beggar leader is not far north from him, to get the info you need to pass diplomacy, buff or trickery checks.

Or, if you pay 100,000 to the owner of Bad Luck Tavern, you will learn Ziforian is actually the beggar standing in front of Battlebliss Arena.

Talk to Ziforian and get his key, you need to enter mage tower through the Upper City. (Near Willodus’ mansion)

If you have collected enough  Elven Notes, you will realize that is the storyteller’s tower. Be careful while exploring this area, there are tons of traps and 2 golems guarding it.

After you reached the second level of the tower, go outside and ignite two crystals to reveal the door to the top level. (you may need to rotate the camera angle to make it connect.)

Search the tower, you will find some valuable loots. There is also a strange door on the top level, open it and it will teleport the storyteller to the tower. (If you want to romance Queen Galfrey, ask storyteller to send a letter for you.)

Next, you need to find a Nahyndrian crystal. Go back to Nexus and search the cave, the storyteller’s compass buzzes when the crystals are near. There’s an invisible wall behind the bones of the giants, behind that: Go to the bottom right corner of the cave to find the crystal. Be careful once you get the crystals, several enemies will appear and attack your team so get ready.

Return to storyteller and give him the crystal. You will need to pass several will check and knowledge check to learn the full story behind the crystal.

Back to Shamira, you can chose to reveal the secrets to her, or keep it to your self (3 will checks), either way the quest is completed. (If you keep the secret, Nocticula will reward you an amulet Aspect of the Asp)

The investigation regarding Nahyndrian crystals is over. And filling Alushinyrra are countless rumors about the amazing Golarian, whom Shamira entrusts with the most delicate missions.

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