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Pathfinder Wrath of the Righteous The Burning City Walkthrough

The city that for years guarded the border between the Worldwound and the rest of Golarion is no more. Kenabres has been reduced to a flaming ruin where a desperate battle is raging. Everything hangs in the balance: will the story of the cruasades end here and now — or will mortalkind have one last chance for victory?

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The Burning City Walkthrough

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  • You can find Irabeth right after you leave Kenabres Underground.
  • When you follow Irabeth clearing the cultists, it’s a good idea to use ranged attacks and let her tank for your team. 
  • Be sure to loot all valuables in your path in Grey Garrison, once you reached the third level, the road will collapse, forbids you to return.
  • You will find the demoness in front of the Wardstone. If you succeed in persuasion checks, you may turn some cultists to your side. However, the battle itself is unwinnable, once your whole team been put down, a cutscene will happen and 8 hours later you wake up in Defender’s Heart.
  • The secret entrance to the Grey Garrison can be found at Market Square, near some tieflings. The ones you can help to add to the quest A Common Cause.
  • The Purple Stone Knife can be found near the place where Terendelev died. You have to interact with a crumbled tower. During this interaction, you have the possibility to retain the Aeon’s power within yourself. It requires the Aeon Mythic Path.
  • The Storyteller can be found at Blackwing Library, if you have high Perception skill and Lore (Religion) Skill, you can find that the crusaders there are imposters. You can use high Athletics skills to knock out one enemy before the fight begins. If you meet the requirements, you can also use the Mythic Trickster choice to send the cultists to the Grey Garrison, avoiding a fight entirely. 
  • After you deal with the traitors, talk to the Storyteller and escort him back to Defender’s Heart.
  • Talk to the Storyteller again at Defender’s Heart and show him the Purple Stone Knife, you gain 368 Experience. Then speak with Irabeth. If you have gathered all three group of allies (quest A Common Cause) and are confident to attack Gray Garrison, tell Irabeth it is time to strike now.
  • Depends on how many allies you gathered in A Common Cause, there may be several crusaders and tieflings show up in Gray Garrison to help you.
  • The first floor of Gray Garrison is now filled with demons and cultists, try to lure them out one by one using doors, and always watch for traps.
  • There’s a succubus at the center of this level, if you have the detect magic skill and high persuasion, you can turn some of the charmed recruits to your side.
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Statues Puzzle

  • After you defeat all the enemies, examine the statues located along the walls. There are three statues of people and three statues of angels. In the hands of statues can be a staff, a hammer, only a sword or a shield with a sword.Then, examine the altar, on which lies a book with a prayer. This is the key to solving the puzzle. Read the prayer carefully to understand the sequence of interaction with the statues. There are both people and angels in prayer. You also need to know who and what weapon used.You can solve the statue puzzle by following order:
    1. Statue of a human with sword and shield
    2. Angel statue with shield and sword
    3. Angel statue with sword
    4. Angel statue with a hammer
    5. Statue of a human with a staff
    6. Statue of a human with a sword
  • On the second floor, you can loot Amulet of Natural Armor +2, Cloak of Resistance +2, and Scythe +2 from Jeslyn.
  • To reach the third floor, you need to use the top right stair at the 1st floor first to reach the right side of the 2nd floor.
  • A giant minotaur guards the stair of the third floor, you can loot Blocker (+1 Greataxe) from him. You have to a pass a Mobility check to reach the wardstone.
  • Once you reached the Wardstone, you will have to decide what to do with it. But before you make any decisions, buff your team, and get ready for a fight. Minagho will then appear with lots of demons to attack you.
  • Once the battle is over, Minagho will vanish. Leave the area. A cutscene will be triggered in the tavern where everyone is celebrating the victory over the demons.

The Wardstone

Once interacted with, the Wardstone will give you 5 different options:

  1. Destroy the stone with all the Angels inside.
  2. Quell the anger of the red warriors by offering them peace. This is a Good action and requires Angel Mythic Path.
  3. Cleanse the Wardstone, destroying the fallen celestials. This is a Lawful action and requires Angel Mythic Path.
  4. Wield the stone’s magic and return the celestials to their rightful plane, as the aeon would have wanted. This is a Lawful action and requires Aeon Mythic Path.
  5.  Unleash the demonic fury. This is an evil action and requires the Demon Mythic Path.

After the demoness been defeated, Staunton Vhane will appear and rescue her.

In the book event, decide what to do with the angels trapped inside the Wardstone. You will gain a Mythic Hero class.

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