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Pathfinder Wrath of the Righteous The Final Sunset of Winter Walkthrough

When a civilization dies, its settlements slowly turn to ruin, like broken bones turning white in the sun, a skeleton now bereft of any kind of life. This is what happened to Sarkoris, whose numerous settlements are now abandoned and forgotten places where long-dead people once lived.

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However, something strange is ocurring on Drezen’s southern road. A Crusader patrol has vanished where the settlements of old Sarkoris once stood. What is happening in these lands? The Commander must get to the bottom of it.

The Final Sunset of Winter Walkthrough

  • The quest is available after you take the Drezen.
  • Travel to Wintersun, there are multiple quests in this region. However, the clue about the missing crusaders can be found in the village in the southwest.
  • Strange things are happening here: the villagers of this settlement do not see that demons are walking among them. 
  • In front of the chief’s house, talk to the blind sculptor and ask her about what happened. You then need to search the village for the broken rune stones. (Quest Unsounded Alarm)
  • When you are ready, go confront the chief. If you have complete the quest Unsounded Alarm, you can point out the runestones were broken, and reduce the number of enemies. 
  • Defeat the demons and chase the chief, when you found Jerribeth, you can decide how to solve the situation. 
  • You can force Jerribeth to remove the charm, or break it by yourself (if you are Aeon). You can also decide the fate of the chief, if you let him go with Jerribeth. You will later meet him again in the Ivory Sanctum, in an very unpleasant form.
  • Get the Bone Key (needed for Know Thy Enemy) and report to the sculptor, she will also have some new gears.

Wintersun’s fate is sealed. The last remnant of old Sarkoris must face an unsettling future.

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