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Pathfinder Wrath of the Righteous The Fool King Walkthrough

A point of historical reference: there was never any monarchy in Sarkoris. The country was divided between clans, each with their chief, and its spiritual power came from a druid circle of hierophants. Iz wasn’t the capital of Sarkoris, and there’s never been a throne there. The man who came to the Commander, claiming his right to a non-existent throne, is so obviously an imposter, it’s ridiculous. But the Commander seems to like jokes. Well, let’s see how much fun a fool king from the tavern will bring to Drezen.

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The Fool King Walkthrough

  • A pretender appears in Drezen, asking you to support his claim. If you let him stay, he will then appear in the tarven.
  • In order to reach Pulura’s Falls, you need go to the council chamber and ask Gobblehoof for help.
  • Search the area Pulura’s Fall, you will find the evidence to disprove the pretender’s claim.
  • Prepare for the coronation, then head back to the tarven and crown him.
  • Wait for several days, that guy will approach you again, talking about the best liquor made in a Moonshiner’s hut.
  • When you travel there you will find that’s actually Areelu’s Lab.
  • Explore the lab and you will find the way remove the demonic seal under Drezen and gain 4th mythic level.

As hard as it is to believe, the fuss over the drunkard’s coronation was not entirely in vain. The fake king came to tell the Commander about a very interesting place in the depths of the Worldwound…

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