Pathfinder Wrath of the Righteous The Last Resort Walkthrough

Pathfinder Wrath of the Righteous

By their nature, demons are not prone to keeping their promises. However, when it comes to serving their own interests, they can be surprisingly consistent. For instance, the demon Savamelekh, who promised Lann that he would abduce the mongrels, did exactly as he said. He is raising an army again, but this time he has the entire mongrel people at his disposal.

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The Last Resort Walkthrough

This quest is triggered by a random encounter in ACT V.

Escort Sull back to Drezen, and ask him what happened to the mongrelman.

Travel to Valley of Temples. If you told Wenduag that she is not worthy of crusader and let her run off. Now she will show up again and help you fight Savamelekh.

Defeat Savamelekh and talk to Lann. (Whether Lann survives depends on 3 things. FIrst you need to reconcile Lann with his mother until they hug it out. Second, you need to be supportive about him being the chief. The last thing is to complete quest Bad Blood)

Savamelekh has been defeated, and the mongrels have suffered enough for the sins of their fathers. From this day on, they will honor the heroes who helped them cleanse themselves of this corruption. However, this does not mean they are magically cured. But it gives them the right to hope.

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